What Would Johnny Depp Wear?


I’m sure you’ve heard that Johnny Depp is back in the news. It’s all about his attire, adornment and his latest movie, “Transendence”.

Aside from pirate garb or a colorful creation envisioned by Tim Burton, Depp is sporting a diamond engagement ring that he referred to as a “chick’s ring”. Allegedly, he purchased this for his fiancée, Amber Heard, but it did not fit her finger so he put it on his hand. (He doesn’t know her ring size?)

This got me thinking. Hmmm…What would Johnny Depp wear? This month, I devised a list of complimentary items in the spirit of his movies.

Sweeny Todd’s Clean Shirt

I recently discovered this company at an event at The Chester in lower Manhattan. Second Button makes hand-tailored shirts with detail cuffs and collars, expert tailoring and the highest quality fabrics — buttons too.

You order online and it takes just a few minutes to get your proper size and then a few weeks later, the perfect shirt is delivered to your home, office or barbershop. Johnny wore an apron in the movie. Metro Man will wear a bib when dining in this shirt. Quality always trumps quantity as we’ve learned from Fleet Street. Oh, Sweeny!

Malcolm Gillian heads an impressive team who know how to create the perfect attire for today’s man. The bone white shirt with a checkerboard collar and cuffs is my favorite style. I was complimented on my shirt three times before I even left my building.

Make a purchase at http://www.secondbutton.com.

Cufflinks Fit For Pirates Of The Caribbean

Eco-artware.com creates many different products from recycled, reused and natural elements. These cufflinks are made from an antique Royal typewriter Imagine Jack Sparrow saying, “The word typewriter and antique are redundant.”

The keys are covered in glass with metal fasteners and you can order any command: shift, tab, backspace… or personalize them with a man’s initials.

Reena Kazmann directs a company worth a pirate’s bounty.

Visit: http://www.eco-artware.com.

Edward Scissorhands with Bling

Triton makes rings, wedding bands and other jewelry for men. They combine inspired artistry, innovative engineering, and contemporary metals to create bold statements for today’s men. The styles are masculine and bold with a selection of diamonds. I like the style pictured above.

Visit: http://www.tritonjewelry.com.

Some people call them ‘Mangagement’ rings. (I loathe the term but I’m open to the principle.) Jeweler Joe Avianne is ahead of the game and sees this trend growing more popular without having anything to do with an engagement beyond a night out. Avianne & Co. know how to give a punch to a man’s fist. Their client list includes: Arcangel, Cee Lo Green, Juelz Santana, Jamie Foxx and others. Avianne is on the diamond cutting edge.

Check out their custom work and make a purchase.

Avianne & Co Jewelers
28 W 47th St,
New York, NY

The bottom line is I think Johnny Depp wears what he wants. The best!

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