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No one wants to be accused of cheating. On the other hand, changing the rules, if not ideal, is a much more desirable label. While there is no real way to evade our biological clock, there are ways to prolong the clean, crisp look associated with youth, and establish new norms along the way. However, the one-size-fits-all approach is far from ideal. Recently introduced facial products from L’Oreal Paris Men’s Expert collection targets our differing skin types and changing needs as we mature, offering a more effective solution in the process. The line includes a facial wash, exfoliator, aftershave balm, eye cream, and four distinct treatments delineated by age that take us from high school to those golden years.

Men’s skin is more likely to be oily than women’s, especially in our twenties and thirties. By our forties, however, the oil secretion diminishes significantly, producing drier, irritable areas. In addition to an oilier nature, men often suffer from sensitive skin, sometimes exacerbated by shaving. As a result, redness, irritation and temporary destruction of the skin’s protective layer ensue. Typical city living and all its stressful accompaniments only contribute to our skin’s deterioration. Does all of this sound too distressing? At first glance, yes. But, worry not. Let us see how the age-specific facial treatments from Men’s Expert might help us save our faces, quite literally.

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While in our teens and early twenties, the biggest challenge is to get rid of the excessive oiliness. For this, the line presents us with an oil controlling lotion aimed at the 15-25 year-old age group. This moisturizer absorbs quickly, produces a smoother, softer feel, and hydrates the skin for the whole day. After using the Oil Controller and making the rounds of Manhattan – from subway ride to subway ride to subway ride (you get the picture) – my skin maintained the optimal level of matteness, and yet, felt adequately hydrated.

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With the passing of years, our skin requires additional boost. As our cellular activity decreases, we become susceptible to under-eye circles, dull complexion, and the starting of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. With this in mind, Men’s Expert has launched its invigorating Hydra-Power and the anti-lines moisturizer, Stop Lines, for ages 25-35 and 35-45, respectively. Hydra-Power contains vitamin C and caffeine for that boost needed to reduce signs of stress and fatigue. Other benefits include: skin protection from the elements and less irritability after shaving. Stop Lines continues on this theme, and additionally packs in boswellia serrata extract and manganese. These ingredients further aide in reducing the appearance of facial lines. The product also contains SPF 15.

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For the 45-and-above group, Men’s Expert offers Vita Lift, an anti-wrinkle and firming moisturizer. As expression lines deepen, under-eye pockets grow, the skin starts thinning, and we lose elasticity, the need for nutrients becomes greater than ever before. Vita Lift firms the face with Pro-Retinol – a powerful ingredient that allows the skin to recover a younger texture – producing a revitalized appearance and noticeable decrease in wrinkles within a fairly short period of four weeks.

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The Men’s Expert collection also includes integral items needed by all age categories. The Circle Eraser works on dark under-eye circles to produce an even skin tone. With continued use, less sleepless nights, and a reduction in caffeine intake, it can be very effective. Also available are: Power Clean, a mentholated facial wash; Power Buff, an exfoliator; and Comfort Max, an after-shave balm with vitamin E. From my experience, the combination of Power Clean and Comfort Max had a lasting effect, and they certainly enhanced my shaving experience. Also, it made my skin feel invigorated and clean – a kind of freshness that I have only felt after a steam bath when the skin is perfectly relaxed.

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With the winter months upon us, the strong winds will soon be whipping through Manhattan. These are times when our uncovered faces are most susceptible to unforgiving Mother Nature. It would definitely be a good idea to stock up on some these products from Men’s Expert as a preparation.

L’Oreal Men’s Expert products are priced between $7 and $12, and are available at retailers and drugstores nationwide. For more information, visit www.lorealparisusa.com/men.

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I am looking for the Loreal mens expert oil controller anti oiliness moisturizer.

Christopher Szaz

You can get it at Overstock.com or BuyMeBeauty.com.

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