Lather Up – Best practices for a Soothing Shave Ritual

Achieving a close shave seems merely a part of the average man’s daily routine, but the desired effect isn’t always the end result. With about 85% of men claiming to use the wet shave technique as a single step in their morning rituals, only a select few would regard shaving as its own exclusive process. The consequences are severe, and take the form of skin irritations and unsightly bumps.

We can’t all look as good as Bradley Cooper sporting a five o’clock shadow, so why let the hairs linger? As an average shaver, I am regularly plagued with bumps and irritations, clearly in need of shaving reform. What is the solution? What are the best practices? Never fear, there is a regime that combats irritation and improves the quality of your skin.

eShave Travel Kit TSA

eShave, a renowned company founded on the vision of re-introducing classic shaving products and techniques to the modern man, have cemented the best practices for shaving into my daily rituals with their Travel Kit. This kit will equip you with all of the essential products and tools you need for thirty days of unparalleled shaving. Use these tools, and follow these steps. Solidify them into a regular habit for the most optimal close shave results:

Preparation – To ready your hair follicles, open your pores, and create a protective layer between razor and skin. It is best to begin after a hot shower. The steam will open your pores, and hot water will serve you best. Apply eShave’s pre-shave oil to soften the beard (and don’t wash it off when you’re ready to lather). Containing anti-oxidants as well as Vitamins A & E, the preparation makes certain a razor will glide across your face.

Lather – Imperative for a close shave. Use the Shave Cream and the Genuine Badger Brush to create a thick and creamy lather. The lathering motion of the brush exfoliates the skin and ensures the hairs stand up and ready for the razor.

Shave – Strategically. Be certain to go along the grain, in the direction the hairs are growing, on the first stroke. Otherwise you may suffer irritation or bumps. If you can still get closer, re-lather the area once more and stroke carefully across or against the grain. Take note of the different directions the hair can grow along the neck and beneath the chin, and be sure to go along the grain on your first pass. Cautiously stroke against the grain, as applying pressure will likely generate irritation.

Apply Moisturizer – The After Shave Lotion with white tea and shae butter is a great reprieve for your skin following a shave. It calms and heals any damaged or irritated areas. Massage it in gently for maximum absorption.

eShave’s Alum Block

If you should cut yourself, eShave’s Alum Block is the instantaneous remedy that has fittingly earned the nickname the “magic stone.” Designed to stop bleeding on contact with a cut or nick, it is 100% natural and provides both astringent and antiseptic effects. As I am typically prone to cuts, I now regard this product as indispensable and 100% vital to my shaving rituals.

You can pick up eShave’s Thirty Day Travel Kit, the Alum Block & other fabulous products at eShave’s new store location at 1025 3rd ave at 61st street in Manhattan or at

Sandalwood Full Size Kit, The Art of Shaving Shave Set, Van Der Hagen

Similarly, these shave sets by Art of Shaving and Van Der Hagen, provide the necessary tools and products to follow a four step regime. The Art Of Shaving Sandalwood Kit comes with a pre-shave oil, shave cream, aftershave balm, and pure badger black brush. This set has it all, proudly encouraging Art of Shaving’s notion that we should not rush that which affects our visual appeal!

To give your shave technique some extra vintage charm, try Van Der Hagen’s Shave Set. It contains a pure badger brush, monogrammed apothecary mug, unique combination brush & razor stand, and a hypo-allergenic bar of shave soap manufactured using VDH’s signature Kettle Process. VDH, a premier specialty bar soap manufacturer, has modernized this antique process; carefully selecting ingredients, adding them to a heated kettle and liquefying them into molds. Completed molds are run through a cooling system and hand packed into an uncommon formula. As the process is more labor intensive, it’s no surprise that the results from these shave soaps are second to none.

The Art of Shaving products can be purchased at the Barber Spa at 520 Madison Ave in Manhattan or visit Van Der Hagen products are available at a range of drug stores including CVS Pharmacy & Walgreens, and online at, &

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