Maine Heritage Timber: Bespoke Gifts, Flooring & Furniture

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With Mother’s Day soon upon us, followed by Father’s Day, various graduations, and wedding season looming large — why not invest in a gift that’s one-of-a-kind, beneficial to Maine’s natural ecosystem, gorgeous, green, and toxin-free? Maine Heritage Timber in Millinocket, ME recovers sunken timber preserved naturally from immersion in the west branch of the Penobscot River, and then crafts unique furniture, trays, flooring, bars, countertops, wall paneling, wainscoting, and more from the wood. This saves 1,000 acres of timber from being harvested and ensures that your repurposed wood is toxin-free.

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The type of wood used in flooring is pine and spruce, and Maine Heritage Timber’s craftspeople can also completely refurbish your home, restaurant or bar. Check out some of their impressive interior work at The century-old wood used to create their furniture is both sturdy and pristine, which is ideal for beds, tables and cribs. We’re partial to their lovely, hand-crafted wood serving trays as gifts, which can (and should) be used to serve mom breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day.

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If you have a home or work project that requires high quality wood, or if you’d like to have one of their wood serving trays delivered to your doorstep – or shipped out as a gift — call 207-723-9200 or visit the Maine Heritage Timber website,, for more info.

Quality is always worth it.

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