Making ‘Scents’ of a Man: ENCOUNTER by Calvin Klein — New Fall Fragrance


A man should look and smell great — women endorse and encourage this unfortunate but necessary statement, and for a good reason. The following is information for every man to heed.

Based on research compiled by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, women at all ages are generally more accurate than men in identifying odors. According to Dr. Oz on Oprah’s website, “Women have a better sense of smell, especially during ovulation when estrogen levels soar.” Behavioral neuroscientist, Charles Wysocki, of Moneli Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, determined that women detect body odor significantly better than men.

Guys, that means even though you may not be aware of the scent from your own gym bag, your girlfriend, wife, and/or every other female around you are keenly aware of the wafting ‘odeur’. But they aren’t responsible for our hygiene and grooming – that’s our job.

This fall, Calvin Klein makes it all a little easier. Introducing ENCOUNTER, a new men’s cologne with a fresh scent made from a collective blend of rich spices, aromatic woods, and herbal cognac. Ingredients include mandarin, cardamom, rum pepper, Egyptian jasmine, patchouli, cognac agarwood, atlas cedarwood and musk. The end result is a scent that is sensual and masculine.

(Just keep in mind that cologne is not about covering-up odor so much as it is icing on an already well-groomed cake.)

And now here is a tip for the ladies: ENCOUNTER by Calvin Klein is a perfect little gift for birthdays, anniversaries or any day when you want to spice things up. (You catch my drift, and he will too.) It’s now available at Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s.

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