From Man Cave to Man Spa: Dieci Uomo Salon for Men


It’s popular with executives. It’s a necessity for celebrities. Professional athletes understand this the most. What am I talking about?

A place where men can get a haircut, professional shave, shoe shine and more: a manicure, pedicure, waxing and feel good as well as presentable. Men also need a place to feel comfortable while being groomed beyond the dank and low-budget barbershop.

This report will tell you about Dieci Uomo Salon for Men and how guys can look their best, enjoy the experience and carpe diem. There is a growing market for a place where men can visit without the uncomfortable feeling of a beauty parlor or unisex spa.

Dieci Uomo (Ten men in Italian) is the sweet spot.


Approximately one hour outside of Manhattan in Livingston, NJ, is this spacious, modern salon that is more like a private club for men. Paul and Marie Gaglioti opened their doors in November and uomini (dudes) are flocking there for the services, treatments and a place where they can clean-up, converse and even commiserate — in a private facility. It’s a smart concept and business plan.


The interior is bright, contemporary and as awesome and fine-tuned as a classic car with large and ultra-comfortable leather chairs, state-of-the-art technology including reclining mechanisms on the sinks and foot rests to adjust to every client. They have private rooms for pedicures, massage and hair coloring. Membership includes six and twelve month options or you can make a reservation or simply walk in.


During my visit, I watched a very well-trained, professional and jovial staff give superior haircuts comparable to the major salons in New York City. They are also schooled in massage therapy, hair coloring and manicures. It’s impressive.

I was happy to have my boots shined just in time to meet Miss New Jersey.


Paul Gaglioti with Miss New Jersey and several clients

Another impressive feature at Dieci Uomo is access to their rooftop garden when the weather permits. Men can gather around the fire pit with refreshments and cigars and relax. There is plenty of seating space and drinks can be ordered from the café in the lobby. The men’s locker room is conveniently located adjacent to the rooftop deck.

One major aspect of this business is their commitment to keeping the facility green. This is the first and only LEED certified salon in the state. Everything from the paint on the walls to the countertops (made from recycled glass bottles) and even the light fixtures are all eco-friendly.

It’s time to leave the cave, men. I also think it takes a smart women to guide a good man into this realm.

Dieci Uomo
48 West Northfield Rd.
Livingston, NJ
(973) 535-1400

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