Man Hands: One Man’s Quest for the Ultimate Man-i


After subjecting my rarely pampered and never primped body to a ‘South of the Border’ wax last month, the prospect of seeking the ultimate men’s manicure in New York City seemed like child’s play. Inspiration struck when I walked by the unassuming storefront of Wellness Men’s Day Spa, a new spa in the Flatiron District. Wellness bills itself as an upscale, total service facility for both men and women – but the clear focus is on head to toe services for guys.


Upon my arrival, I was politely greeted and offered a beverage and a seat. I observed the neat, immaculate manicurist table, a row of pedicure seats with basins built directly into the raised stone steps, another row of facial and massage rooms and a large VIP room in the rear with double massage tables, a spa-whirlpool, and a steam shower built for two. While the upstairs is still under construction, additional treatment rooms will be open in the coming months. Wellness is dimly lit, with a classy dark brown color scheme and a dark stone floor. Tea lights cast a delicate glow against the walls – a lovely yet simple touch.

My Real Deal Manicure was performed by Shirley. It was a full 60-minute service that started with a cleansing warm water soak with lime and sandstone followed by a heavenly scented homemade exfoliating scrub of lemon juice, brown sugar, cinnamon and oatmeal. Shirley’s delicate, expert touch was focused on my full relaxation and pampering. The manicure also included a great shoulder massage performed during the hand mask. (Note to self: see Brian on a massage table STAT). Shirley provided a thorough buff upon the conclusion and a few minor cuticle touch ups to perfect the paws.

The proprietors of Wellness were also gracious enough to offer a Signature Facial performed by esthetician, Rafael. It was a wonderful service, certainly the best facial that I have ever had. Elite Yonka products matched Rafael’s gentle touch. While many people complain about breaking out after a facial, my skin has never looked clearer or more supple than in the days immediately after my treatment at Wellness. This spa is definitely on the right track.

Wellness Men’s Day Spa is located at 44 West 22nd Street. For an appointment, call 212-366-9080.

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