Manicure: Emphasis on ‘Man’
Hammer & Nails helps pro athletes, celebrities and businessmen scrub up


Michael Elliot

Hammer & Nails is the first nail salon for men. It recently opened in Los Angeles and is spreading like polish across the country.

The focus on this company, owned by screenwriter and entrepreneur Michael Elliot, caters to professional men on the up-and-up and those who care about their appearance in front of the camera and when the Klieg lights are off.

While grunge enthusiasts may scoff at this concept, the multimillion-dollar endeavor is coming to a city near you.

Hammer & Nails Man Cave

Most men cringe at the word salon so let’s call it a nail garage. It’s equipped with personal flat-screen TVs and headphones, premium sports channels, and complimentary beers and scotch. For fear of the word ‘decorated’, let’s say it’s constructed with oversized leather chairs, the front-end of a classic Chevy pickup truck and a leather punching bag and gloves from the 1940’s — a man cave dedicated to talons.

“A large part of our clientele consists of athletes, and we’ve custom designed a new treatment specifically for guys who need to bring their A game with healthy hands and feet,” says Michael Elliot, owner and founder. “We’ve hosted NFL and NBA players in our shop, so we’re acutely aware of the hygiene needs and preferences of active men.”

If it’s good enough for the Lakers, wait until you see it what it does for the Nets
Make a fist and check it twice.

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