March Makeovers for Men

March is not just about basketball madness and Mardi Gras, it’s about getting ready for spring and the warmer months ahead. Following are several ideas to brush off the winter blues, get rid of those extra pounds, polish up and make a change for the better.


It’s time to get that body into top shape. D-Dojo Karate is located just a block south of Rockefeller Center and offers karate classes for all ages as agility and self-defense training. Igor Dyachenko, two-time world karate champion and winner of many international awards, brings his expertise and focus to midtown Manhattan in the form of D-Dojo Karate.

Coordination, balance, flexibility and strength are just a few of benefits learned in these classes. It’s a great workout and training for couples.


You heard the buzz about yoga and now its time for you to place down a mat and experience the physical and mental benefits of these popular classes. First stop is lululemon athletica where you will find everything you need from shirts and pants to undergarments and gear.

Every week, lululemon stores and showrooms push their products aside, unroll yoga mats and turn their spaces into instant yoga studios. Classes are complimentary and lead by the top instructors in the city.

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Men have been very creative lately with beards, mustaches and side burns. Here are a few ideas for maintaining facial hair.

1. The perfect beard starts with conditioning the skin and the beard hair, especially when the skin is introducing new, transplanted facial hair. It is important to use gentle men’s grooming products that do not contain sulfates or ingredients that can irritate sensitive facial skin. Use Eufora HERO for Men Complete Shampoo and Revitalizing Conditioner to keep skin healthy and hair smooth.

2. When choosing a grooming product for trimming and shaping the beard, use a multi-purpose product for pre-shave, shave and aftershave. Eufora HERO for Men’s Exceptional Shave is perfect because it moisturizes, cools and soothes the skin while offering a close shave. 

Get in a daily habit of applying a 3-in-one product to all areas of the beard, whether you plan to shave there or not, because it will moisturize the skin to prevent dryness and irritation.
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For trimming the beard and keeping the mustache shaped, try these accessories from The Art of Shaving. The Horn Comb is crafted from authentic horn, hand selected for its unique pattern and rich tones of color. Their mustache scissors will keep your trimming and shaping with precision.



Patrick Melville and Rick Wellman opened the mid-town Patrick Melville Salon in 2007. I recently caught up with Patrick and inquired about the latest trends in hairstyles for men.

According to Patrick, “Currently, the man bun has been very popular with all the actors, from Jared Leto to Joaquin Phoenix. This is a very versatile look for men. This can be a really cool downtown look or can be converted into a very chic look. This trend allows men to wear their hair loose and more disheveled and undone, or slicked back which looks great with a suit.

If you or your guy still have the locks, you may want to give this a try.

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These are just a few ideas to kick-start a new and polished Metro Man.

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