Mark the Calendar with These Masculine Scents


Polo Supreme Oud is a Carlos Benaim perfume iteration, the olfactory engine of other Polo fragrance outfits and fashion lines such as Georgio Armani, Calvin Klein, and Christian Dior. If you’re standing around Supreme Oud, it will abduct your attention and there’s nothing you can do about it — you’ll slip right into its sorcery, and if you come out of it, you’ll want to go back in. Commanding the most inertia in the room, it’s Oud-so-lovely. It first speaks shyly of cinnamon and pink pepper but its heart is a self-assured smoky Indian oud that sinks into a primal earthly guaiac wood and committed vetiver. It’s well poised for formal occasions, brainy colloquy, and the dashing social assortment prior to inviting even more intrigue. With a clear, linear progression, Supreme Oud burns brightly and unforgettably, and will last through hours of good conversation. Available at and finer retailers.


Tom Ford’s Noir is unmistakably a creature of the night. It evokes a mysterious sensuality, and as the thrill is in the chase, you’ll want to know what it has to hide. The blend is multilingual, complex, and daring. The nose opens up with Italian bergamot, verbena, caraway, baie rose (pink pepper), and violet flower. Notes of black pepper, nutmeg, Tuscan Iris resin, Egyptian Geranium, Bulgarian Rose, and clary sage, speak of its wanderlust heart. Among Noir’s core of opoponax, amber, Indonesian patchouli, vetiver, and civet, rests vanilla, which adds an otherwise unfamiliar sensitivity. There’s so many things going on inside with the expert fusion of the top, middle, and base notes, you’re left wondering what the cologne is really about. Noir isn’t going to give it away so easily, evident by its reserved, back-tinted exterior. You’ll have to find it out for yourself, and follow its wild foray into the night’s invention. Available at Fragrance Net and finer retailers.


A different character palette in this new modern rhythm defines the contemporary man, and he needs to strike a pose as versatile, persevering, and compassionate. Kenneth Cole’s Mankind Ultimate has chosen as its voice for these values, Noah Galloway, the Iraq veteran who lost his left arm and Dancing with the Stars phenomenon. In keeping with this tone, Mankind Ultimate is a refashioned composite of its antecedent, Mankind, in which its formally base notes of sandalwood and vetiver have been relocated in Ultimate to its heart. Less aromatic then the original, the compassion is a blast of citrus accords, aquatic greens, and a wink of cucumber. But after it wears into the skin, the heart rises, as the base remains consistent with tonka bean, musk, with an inflection of tart moss. It’s very adaptable expression that can hold up to all sorts of egos and environments. The flacon’s design is very curious: strapped in leather with a robust weight, directly on course with version 1.0. But with this application, a grey gradient is superimposed over the bottle’s original transparency, evincing, overall, a modern gentility. Very “Fifty Shades of Grey,” perhaps with a secret to share, which can only be experienced up close and personal in how it wears on the particular gentleman. However it does, Mankind will continue to evolve in lockstep with the times. Available at and finer retailers.


Giorgio Armani’s Acqua Di Gio is one of the most popular personalities in the world of men’s fragrances. It personifies the essence of youth, wild abandonment, and infinite promise. Armani had this same sentiment in mind when vacationed on the island of Pantelleria in Sicily. He sought to capture the idyllic Mediterranean enclave with marine notes, mandarin, bergamot, neroli, persimmon, rosemary, nasturtium, jasmine, amber, and a base of patchouli, and cistus. It’s a notable and respected fragrance for all occasions and social climates, for the man who has retained his youth. Available at Fragrance Net and finer retailers.

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