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Women, in general, look and feel better than men. With their glossy hair and skin softer than a baby’s bottom, they more often than not stroll about with a mystical effervescent glow that most men lack, minus the Brad Pitts and Orlando Jones’s of the world. However, this seemingly unattainable beauty is not encoded in their X-X chromosomal DNA.Indeed, on my daily travels, I frequently encounter men in various states of shabbiness that want to look good they just don’t know how. Enter Anthony – Logistics For Men. A young genius by the name of Anthony Sosnick realized that there was a sincere lack of men’s grooming products in today’s market.In a few years, he brilliantly created a multi-functional, multi-benefit, nature-based personal care system of skincare and bath and body products designed for men. Whew, that was a mouthful. Now here’s the simple part: all of the products are easy to understand with specific ingredients that are geared to a man’s skin.

Each product caters to a male’s incessant need for information to be listed in a simple, logical, and scientific way. Best of all, the directions are short and to the point for those of you who hate reading instruction manuals. For example, take Anthony’s Razor Burn Repair. It’s for all skin types and is fragrance free, for those of us who don’t want to smell like begonias all day long.

Objective: Don’t look so irritated. Neat, huh? Next is Strategy. This gives us the few one-liners that we love to use to make us sound smarter about the products contents and what it does to help us look better. Lastly,

Method of use: Apply immediately after shaving to all shaved areas. It’s not complicated, right? Anthony’s complete product line is broken down into four core areas: face, shave, body, and hair. Most grooming products today only focus on men’s shaving and cologne. The horror, the horror!

Now most men who may neglect other aspects of their appearance at least pay some attention to their full (or not so full) head of hair. However, the limited focus they give to their hair is wrongly directed toward a very small selection of hair-styling products. Many wash their hair with a generic shampoo and conditioner or (again, the horror, the horror!) some gelatinous goop that combines shampoo and conditioner into one. Anthony’s Everyday Shampoo successfully rectifies this situation. The thick, lightly foaming, conditioning shampoo adds body (ie. strengthens hair) without leaving residue (ie. what most men have). The shampoo makes hair more manageable and creates a luster and shine that sends a message of I care about healthy hair to onlookers. The procedure is simple: Wet hair, pour out about a teaspoon’s worth, lather and massage in hair, rinse, and REPEAT. The repeat part is important. The shampoo, which works best on shorter, finer hair, should be followed by a conditioner, of which Anthony has two kinds for normal or dry/damaged hair.

Anthony’s Shave Cream works brilliantly to moisturize and soothe skin, which is a nice contrast to the roughness of a razor. Best of all, I got a very clean shave that still looked tidy at the end of the day. Unlike many shaving creams that feel either too viscous or sparse on the neck and face, the consistency of Anthony’s Shave Cream is well-balanced, causing the cream to glide on and off the face with ease. Most importantly, I noticed that I had less razor burn after using the cream. Many men confuse razor burn with acne when in reality they’re looking at ingrown hairs (nasty little hair curls under the skin). For those of us with less sensitive skin who have razor burn, Anthony’s Razor Burn Repair works well. Those of us with more sensitive skin might react poorly with this product. Instead, I would recommend using the all-natural Glycolic Facial Cleanser that gently exfoliates surface cells that cloud skin texture and cause ingrown hairs.

Also remember that no matter what kind of dream you use, if you’re using a cheap disposable razor, you’re probably going to end up with some sort of razor burn. So a word of advice gentlemen: cough up the extra cash and buy a nice Mach3Turbo razor from Gilette the results are worth it. Lastly, a good shave and a clean face doesn’t look nearly as impressive on dry, flaky skin than on moisturized skin. Anthony’s All Purpose Facial Moisturizer or Oil Free Facial Lotion (for more sensitive skin) help to rectify this situation.

I’d like to conclude with my favorite products: Facial Scrub and Sea Salt Body Scrub. Do they sound a little too feminine for your ears? Try the products and then hear what your significant other thinks first before jumping to conclusions. Personally, using these products more than once or twice a week is overkill.Regardless, both products are non-abrasive as they help remove dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and polished. The rugged, wrangler look could be nice to look at from afar, but close and prolonged personal contact with sandpaper can make anyone’s libido deflate faster than a punctured balloon.

Remember the goal, gentlemen. We’re not feminizing or artificializing, but naturalizing. Though all of these processes might seem daunting at first, with time and practice, a shower and post-shower routine could be reduced to a mere 15-20 minutes.

Anthony – Logistics For Men has dozens of products to choose from. Though I don’t recommend going on a shopping spree and buying them all, taking the time and patience to select the right grooming products will take any man a few steps closer to that unattainable glow.

Anthony – Logistics For Men
560 Broadway, Suite 503
New York, NY10012
Tel: 646-613-1600

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