Men’s Fall Fragrance Picks from Katie Chang, Owner of the Brooklyn Apothecary Miomia


When it comes to men’s grooming in the county of Kings, Katie Chang is the queen. Her shop Miomia, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, carries an impressively edited array of fragrance, beauty and grooming brands ranging from the indie and hard to come by, like Armour Beauty and Escentric Molecules to classic and apothecary lines like Mario Badescu and Embryolisse. The product assortment is definitively unisex, with male customers being considered as much as female, instead of as an afterthought. This is made undeniably evident when scanning Miomia’s shelves, where beard wash and after shave balm hold equal footing to lip gloss and eye shadow.

Katie (who, by the way, wrote her master’s thesis at Georgetown University on the emergent trend of American male grooming) also shares her knowledge of men’s grooming with the masses via her contributions to The New York Times, T Magazine Blog, The Moment.

The fragrance selection at Miomia is a delightfully well thought out menagerie of scents that elude the mainstream. As their passionate purveyor, Katie is always quick to match her clientele with the newest addition to their fragrance wardrobe. Since fall is the perfect time to for a man to choose a new fragrance, we asked Katie to be our personal shopper. Here are her picks:

Escentric 02 ($135 available at

“ Unlike many other fragrances, this one layers and plays well with others (great for guys who don’t want to smell like anyone else). It has a briny, almost boozy quality…and warms up beautifully on skin, enveloping you. This is how I’d love to men to smell, naturally.”

Odin 04 Petrana ($110 available at

“A subtle stunner: this floral-forward scent Is for men who are modern and quietly confident. Definitely not for the conservative, traditional types. Considered a ‘masculine floral,’ this one doesn’t use your typical rose/white flowers to win you over.”

Ulrich Lang Nightscape ($110 available at

“I became a patchouli convert after trying this. Lang’s brilliant take on this modern patchouli includes incorporating other familiar, warm notes, including bergamot, jasmine, cedarwood, and leather. Men appreciate the sultry drydown on this one.”

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