Men’s Grooming Products That Should Be On Your Shelf


Kerastase is a luxury hair care brand under the multinational L’Oreal umbrella, and is only distributed through finer hair salons. But Kerastase knows that as men age hair grooming can be an elusive subject, which is why they infused it with locks of love. Its men’s line, Capital Force Shampoo and Hair Gel, are loaded with men-centric, fiber-fortifying nutrients to give hair stature and longevity. Taurine and D-Biotine neutralize the enzyme responsible for men’s hair loss, while Ceraminde and Arginine protects hair from damaging environmental elements and adds weight to thinning patches. Capital Force is clear and lightweight, and washes through organically without feeling like your hair was in a test tube. Its clean, masculine scent makes you want to rinse and repeat.


Capital Force Hair Gel is agile, and it works with hair seamlessly without feeling like you just stuck your head in concrete mix. Hair stays quite buoyant and pliable for being a gel, too. The same signature masculine bouquet accompanies the sibling, and the packaging sizes are generous for lasting hair happiness. Available at and finer hair salons.


As ubiquitous as Proactiv has become, it’s inevitable that a shaving gel would be present in its army of beauty products. Staying consistent with the effective charity Proactiv has provided to its consumer base, its Soothing Shave Gel is loaded with the same micro-crystal, benzoyl peroxide, acne-zapping formula. But it carries itself like a high-end shave cream with a consistency like foamy cake batter, loaded with additional moisturizing components and fatty acids. Unlike some of its other kin, it stays on your face for the duration of shave. If that’s all you need, perfect. It washes away effortlessly without annoying, greasy, artifacts. Not only is the shave experience respectful, but also of course you’ll be preventing further clusters of acne from invading your face. If acne is holding you up, you can add it to your arsenal of Proactiv solutions, or it can stand alone as fighter in its own class. Available at Proactiv Catalog


Razor and skin are now aligned, via Peter Thomas Roth’s Modern Classic Shave Cream, as it has expertly brokered a smooth fusion between the two disagreeable entities. Modern Classic Shave Cream is uber-lubricated, dense, and textured, as it turns hardened stubble to softies and lifts whiskers as if they’re under hypnosis. The blade rolls of the skin like a satin dress (additional benefits of having a smooth face not included). Goldenseal Extract arms against infection and provides anti-inflammatory welfare; Rosemary Extract functions as a mini-cellular garden-of-Eden; Licorice Root Extract provides even more anti-inflammatory perks and gives skin a halo glow; Allantois quiets irritation and hydrates thirsty skin. Its packaging is black and white, to the point because all the talking will happen on your face. A ten shave. Available at and finer retailers.


SkinCeuticals has a staple user-base in the professional skin-care market — meaning spa and aesthetics. The luxury skin care product line has earned a reputation for creating dermatologist-scale, researched-driven skincare solutions, specifically serums, sunscreens, and niche applications. Despite the rather sterile, clinical-looking, glass-frosted bottle, you don’t need to be a dermatologist to know that it takes your skin seriously, and is several steps ahead in keeping you looking younger. Don’t be deterred by the formal, prescriptive name, SkinCeutical’s Metacell Renewal B3 Emulsion, because its holy-elixir, corrective formula targets signs of photoaging. Photoaging is a label for skin changes induced by chronic UVA and UVB exposure — in other words, premature aging. But what is determined as “chronic” sun exposure differs from person to person. And, other environmental variables factor into the process as well. Two ingredients represent the product’s main proprietary platform: niacinamide, and a tripeptide concentrate. These two ingredients have shown in studies that they reduce signs of photoaging. Each skin therapeutic dose contains 5% and 2.5% respectively, in a fragrant gel-lotion texture. If you want to turn back the clock, SkinCeuticals suggests applying the serum two times a day in the morning and evening. Available at and finer spas.


SkinCeutical’s kin, Phloretin CF Gel, is a preventative antioxidant emulsion created with its proprietary L-ascorbic acid based formula. Although having a diminutive presence, big things start small. Its pump-deliverable gel-serum also contains 2% Phloretin, which in combination with L-ascorbic acid, accelerates cellular regeneration and boots collagen levels. Collagen is a protein inherent within skin, bones, and connective tissues. Collagen production diminishes with age and is stagnated by exposure to UV rays and other environmental factors. One application each morning is suggested. It’s a highly concentrated material, so just a small squirt goes a long way. SkinCeuticals suggests applying this antioxidant formula first, followed by the corrective emulsion above, to look forever young. Available at and finer spas.


Clarisonic iis a sonic skin-cleansing marvel, born and bred in the professional skincare world and a progenitor of its kind. The enchanted, epidermal-enhancing tool was co-created by Clarisonic Co-Founder, Dr. Robb, and has ripened with a devout cult following in any context where skin is a holy subject. As men’s grooming products continue to colonize all throughout beauty hemispheres, Clarisonic’s Alpha Fit Sonic Cleansing for Men is on the vanguard. Clarisonic’s masculine expression is engineered with men in mind. Its compact, ergonomic, and minimalist design is equipped with shorter, firmer bristles and remains waterproof for use in the shower or sink. If you don’t already have a sonic toothbrush, imagine Clarisonic Alpha as clusters of mini-fingers gyrating and grinding away sweat, dirt, and grime, which has produced six times better results than manual cleansing with standard-issue hands. Clarisonic Alpha has two timed settings: one to prep for a shave (whiskers just love how it pets them) and the other, a longer more thorough cleanse that really digs through beard thicket. The package comes with a sample-sized cleanser, which does the job. The charger also has a modern design and can fueled up via a wall or USB outlet. Available at and finer retailers.

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