Ring In Summer with Handcrafted Bling

For as long as men have been trying to impress with their money, there has been man-bling. But jewelry can have emotional implications as well; bracelets might show faith in a higher being, an earring might scream “rebellion,” a necklace might allow you to keep a loved one close to your heart.

Or a ring might symbolize love, commitment, reverence, and appreciation.

BERLINGER is a jewelry company that designs exclusively for men and with a feeling of inclusiveness – the company makes engagement and wedding rings for men in support of same-sex marriage.

However, their narrative isn’t wrapped up in any one ideology. Now the home of two equally unique and beautiful collections (Everyman and Decoman), Berlinger Rings is establishing itself as a tastemaker and creator of fashion rings that celebrate the style of the modern man with classic designs.

Really, the men in your life deserve to be celebrated, showered with love, and maybe even a little bedazzled. So this year, start with your favorite guy, or your father, grandfather, uncle — any other man who helped shape you into you – and gift them for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or simply to show you care.

The Rockstar


The Armstrong ring, sterling silver and black diamond, is a rugged piece of man jewelry for the guy who can just slay that Sweet Child o’ Mine solo or at the very least likes to wistfully play old Beatles records while telling you about the good old days.


The Mitch is a sterling silver stunner that says “I belong to an important man.” It’s for the man who runs board meetings and sits majestically at the head of the table.

The Lounge Man


The Jim is a ring for the man in your life who loves you but also loves the couch. He likes things easy, sleek, and classic. He’s a no-frills kinda guy. This simple handmade sterling silver band would be the perfect accessory for his TV remote hand.

The Hippie


The Ellington is perfect for that yoga-doing, chia-seed munching, pot-smoking Deadhead guy who probably also surfs. He is one with nature and, with this sterling silver and turquoise number, everyone will know it.

The Glam Dude


The Fitzgerald is a ring inspired by the Great Gatsby. It’s fit for the man who can throw a fancy shindig at a moment’s notice, who eats caviar by the bucket, and who can taste the notes of oak, chocolate, and smoky soil in a bottle of red wine.

Check out more from BERLINGER RINGS at http://www.berlingerrings.com.

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