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After a long, crazy (for most of us … whoo) winter, spring is finally peeking around the corner. It’s dying to jump right in and give us some much-needed sandal weather, but winter isn’t quite through with us yet! While the seasons battle for control of our climate, here are a few great products to help you keep your own personal airspace happy and healthy.


Rowenta humidifier











Dry air can mess with you in so many ways, from parching your skin to triggering respiratory trouble. To maintain an optimal indoor humidity level (40 – 60%), invest in a humidifier for each of the rooms in which you spend most of your time. For larger rooms, the Intense Aqua Control Humidifier from Rowenta is amazing. Not only does it cover a 500 square foot room with both cold and warm mist (effectively killing any potential bacteria buildup in the water), with three level-controlling smart modes (Auto, Night and Baby), three speeds and a tiptoe-soft noise level – it’s also gorgeous! Find one near you at



Honeywell humidifier












For smaller spaces, such as a bedroom or office, Honeywell’s MistMate Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is all you need. Compact, quiet and cute (it comes in four colors), this unit can run for up to 20 hours on one half-gallon tank and its ultrasonic technology will make you forget filters ever existed. Available at, WalMart, Meijer and other major retailers.



Honeywell heater









As much as we’d like to believe that garden blooms and the occasional chirping bird mean we can turn off the furnace until Halloween, it’s most likely going to be cool out there for at least a few more weeks. Still, it’s almost warm! In this weird in-between time, space heaters can really fill the void. Honeywell’s new line of Ceramic Tower Heaters uses Direct Current Motor Technology to provide enough heat for a whole room while taking up surprisingly little of it. All three sizes feature digital controls, multi heat settings, timers and safety features like tipover sensing and a Safeguard Motion Sensor (in the largest model), which shuts the unit down if an object comes too close. Find yours at, WalMart, Best Buy, Meijer and other major retailers.



Stadler Form heater-fan











If you’ve got an area that never quite reaps the benefits of your heating or air conditioning, Stadler Form has a cool (and hot) solution and its name is Max! This funky, retro-inspired fan/heater combination features an adjustable thermostat dial, whisper quiet 750 – 1500 watt fan, thermal overload protection and weighted legs for ultimate stability. Available in four vibrant colors to keep your spirit as comfy as your air. Choose your favorite at or



Stadler Form diffuser












Now that its temperature and humidity are all set, complete your air’s transformation with Lea, Stadler Form’s Smart Aroma Diffuser. This sleek, battery operated (with USB charger) little gem subtly infuses air with the scent of your favorite essential oils in your choice of two modes: Daylight (which responds to the brightness in the room) and Interval (10 minutes on, 20 minutes off). Personalize your oxygen at


Sweet summer breezes will be here before we know it. Until then, enjoy your fabulous new at-home atmosphere!

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