Metro Home – Class Up Your Wine Time

Whether you’ve devoted half of your basement to a sommelier’s dream cellar or cleared out a cupboard above your fridge to house the odd bottle of Two Buck Chuck, you deserve to feel a little bit fancy when it’s time for a glass of wine. Here are a few affordable, user friendly products that will have you feeling (and sipping) like a connoisseur in minutes.


Mastrad corkscrew














Step One: Open the Bottle. Unless you managed to snag yourself a wine of the screw top persuasion, you’ll need a decent corkscrew. No, you’ll need a terrific one. The Sommelier Corkscrew by Mastrad not only removes pesky corks with ease and grace, it moonlights as a foil cutter and bottle opener! Ensure that you never go thirsty again at





Vin Luxe wine aerator













If it’s a white wine you’ve opened, it’s time to pour and sip! If it’s a red, do your taste buds a favor and pour it into your glass through the VinLuxe Wine Aerator from Andre Lorent. Their patented Swirl Aeration process ensures that the wine breathes and opens before it lands in your glass. The result: complete flavor optimization in seconds. Honor your vino at




Air Cork














When your at-home happy hour is over and it’s time to put your surviving wine away, protect it against oxidation with the Air Cork Wine Preserver. This simple, smart, fun little device uses a balloon inside the bottle to form an airtight seal at the surface of the wine. When it’s time for another glass, just deflate the balloon using a valve above the grape-bunch pump and enjoy the rest as much as you did the first. Available at


May your next sips (or swigs … no judgments here) feel downright fancy!

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