Metro Home: Creating Two Teen Bedrooms Out of One Children’s Room


Living in Manhattan with kids is a constant puzzle to the imagination as far as space goes. When my daughter decided she did not want to share a room with her older sibling, my husband and I decided to divide the room in two. For my daughters, one tiny room each was preferable to a big one to share. Their father built a dividing wall framed with 2” x 4” wooden studs to fit the 9 ½’ ceiling. Each side of the wall was wired with an outlet, light and dimmer switch. Sound-proofing insulation was installed between sheetrock panels before spackling and taping, sanding and, finally, painting of the new spaces took place.

Once the two rooms were created, I painted each room using Behr’s paint. The texture of Behr’s paint is velvety and the colors are subtle and smooth. The Watermelon Pink in the Premium Plus collection gives a feminine Vintage accent to a girl’s room. My other daughter went for the Snow Fall White color. Available at, Home Depot stores and

A rug makes a room feel cozy and warm. The Reversible All-Weather Mad Mats® Rug I found at Gaiam is handcrafted with recycled plastic by Thai artisans who receive a fair wage for their craft. This is something that my daughter, who started a sustainability club in her high school, appreciates a lot. Made entirely from used soda bottles, the rug is smooth but durable. Feels like a bamboo mat but is softer and longer lasting.– just use a sponge to wipe off any spill, this is the perfect rug for today’s messy teenager. It is reversible too, allowing an easily bored teen to flip another side when she is tired of looking at the same pattern. Available at where you will find all kinds of novel and quality items that break with the banal.

A girl’s room needs details that a boy‘s room will not have. This dainty Twigsy Jewelry Hanger by Umbra in the shape of a tree branch is poetic and feminine. It gives atmosphere to a room and will inspire my budding poet to write her best. Available at, an off-beat, eclectic site full of wonderful, inspired possibilities for decorating a modern dwelling with a minimalist European taste.

The mini 6 Cubeicals Organizer is perfect for teenage girl rooms, as it helps them organize all the little things they collect from hair bands to make up, stickers to school supplies. Each cubby contains a hot pink fabric drawer that helps keep it all neat and tidy. You can also label them at your discretion. The Cubeicals Organizer is 16.34” H x 23.98” W x 6” D. Needs to be assembled and mounted. These are a first necessity for any teenage girl room. Available at

For lighting in one room, I found this whimsical floor light at the Amy Conway Store that just opened on Mercer Street in Soho. Inspired by the artist’s art, it has fun and color to spare. Available at Amy Conway store, 87 Mercer Street, NYC and

My daughters love this revolutionary unique Hydraluxe Pillow made of Gel technology that cradles their heads and necks comfortably. It allows their muscles to deeply relax when they sleep. If you have a hyper active teen who can use a little unwinding, this pillow will help. Dr. Oz recommended it as one of the 12 healthiest items this year. The mesh cover is available in turquoise, hot pink and other bright colors. Available at

When I was a kid, my parents always had me keep a beautiful fountain pen to inspire me to write with my best hand. Today, this beautiful Parker pen on my daughter’s desk is my inspiration to cultivate her taste and help her appreciate the value of old time things like writing a letter using a real pen. The IM Parker Premium Metallic Pink Parker Sonnet has meticulous detail in a classic form. Available in three modes: Fountain pen (Fine and Medium), Rollerball and Ballpoint at

All in all, this room creation has been a success. With little room but a few organizing tools and a lot of pretty, inspiring and comfortable things, you can go a long way and create a room that has it all even if space is limited in the big city.

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