Metro Home – Fall Favorites for Your Castle

With autumn in New York heralding its annual multi-hued splendor, we’ve rounded up some items for your abode that will render it far cozier. Settle in with your hand-knit sweaters, pumpkin spice everything, and Netflix or Hulu binge list.


A great cup of joe often depends on the machine as much as the bean quality, so brew yours with a KRUPS Savoy 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker (with a carafe that keeps coffee warm for up to 4 hours). Versatile enough to work for a dinner party capacity or your personal morning wake-up cup. We’ve put many a machine through the paces, and this one’s a keeper! Find it at and Great for gifting this holiday season, too.

Get your beauty sleep Get your beauty sleep

The Eclipse Blackout Curtains are ideal for weekend mornings when you need to slumber and recoup from a frenetic work week or Friday night. Block that rousing sun with style with these lifesavers, which are as stylish as they are effective. No one will even suspect you’re an avid sun-blocker. These are perfect for college students, new moms, people who work odd hours, and for hangovers. You can order them at or find them at Kohl’s and Target stores. They’re energy-efficient, too.

Plush and perfect Plush and perfect

Plush & plump Noble Excellence Microcotton Elite Bath Towels are the perfect post-shower luxury, especially when they come in an array of colors and are well priced. Soft as cotton balls, these are solid as wedding, engagement, new home or holiday gifts. Scoop them up them at Dillard’s stores:

Up-scale your bathroom Up-scale your bathroom

Taylor Scales stand the test of time, even if you’re raising a troop of lumberjacks in your home. Plus, they’re sleek, hi-tech, and beautifully designed, so you’ll be happy to have them on display in your bathroom (not like those other, rather boring models). Check out the various models at and find other items for home, too.

Natural fresh Natural fresh

Keep it fresh without artificial sprays. The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags pull triple duty as clothes, shoes, and closet freshers — and impart a natural (rather than chemical) scent that makes you happy to be home when you want in the door. Athletes will love the shoe inserts, and they’re even useful tucked under couch pillows. Stock up at Bed, Bath & Beyond stores and at

Lovely portion control Lovely portion control

Featured on CBS and Good Morning America, Slimware offers portion control plates disguised as gorgeous dishware. Graphics present portion sizes for grains, vegetables & greens, and protein, and they’re so cleverly camouflaged that your dinner guests, for example, wouldn’t even know they were eating from portion control plates. Keep fit and healthy! Choose your favorite colors and styles at

Happy Fall!

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