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Greening our homes has become as second nature to us health conscious belles as drinking kale juice and wearing organic skincare religiously. Just as you must take precautions with what you put into your mouth or on your skin, you must say bye bye to all signs of SLS, petrochemicals, chlorine, phosphates, dyes, allergens, ammonia or caustic toxicity in your home. After all, not only do we become what we eat or do over time but also what we use in our house. Yes, all these invisible toxins will find their way into our bodies and our children’s if we let them. Not only do they trigger allergies but they damage our immune systems, organs, cells and reproductive system, not to mention the problems they cause to the environment and our septic systems. Fortunately, eco products are breaking into the mainstream. It’s hard to resist their pull — not only because they are better for us but they often also look better and help us to connect to our higher self’s quest for more graceful and ethical living.  Here are some of my favorite new ones.

Puracy has a line of plant-based cleaning products that are very effective. To remove stains, try their non-toxic formula Natural Stain Remover and to clean surfaces, try their green tea and lime Natural Multi Surface Cleaner. Part of a collection for the home, these products by Puracy are safe for the family and the environment. For every sale, Piracy also donates natural products to families in need. How progressive and cool! Discover the line at

HOMELOGIC - Wersinger

Natural Homelogic is a collection of naturally scented all-purpose cleaners that is 100% plant and mineral derived. Try the Foaming Hand Soap, Liquid Dish Soap, Laundry Detergent and Glass Cleaner in either jasmine mist or citrus grove. All products are biodegradable, septic system safe and free of phthalate, triclosan and nonylphenol ethoxylate. Its vintage design fits well with a green, non-industrial kitchen. Available at


SHOOSHABABY 2 - Wersinger

For a non-toxic laundry ritual, try Shoosha’s Sensitive Skin Laundry Soap, an organic, sensitive skin, hypoallergenic formula. There are no harsh chemicals or foaming agents but gentle ones mixed with chamomile, calendula and aloe vera. It was especially designed for babies who are prone to allergies and eczema that can be aggravated by exposure to conventional laundry soaps. Also try organic Shoosha Baby, a super gentle baby wash & shampoo with nothing in it that will harm your health. Available at

CASHMERE - Wersinger

Treat your clothes to this unique Cashmere machine or hand wash for laundry that is super gentle and contains a biodegradable HE formula, gentle on septic tanks and the environment. Made from a composition of roses, magnolia and sampaguita, citrus and clove, it leaves a relaxing, natural fragrance in the fabric and the air. Available at

To keep your home smelling as fresh as an after rain dew with real scents, not synthetically ones, discover the collection of Clean reed diffusers. Rain captures the pure scent of rainfall with hints of daffodil, dewy melon, water lilies, daisies and sheer musk. Choose between four awesome scents. Relaxing and inspiring. Available at

Inspired by vacation keepsakes and snowglobes from a bygone era, this original collection of towels by Vestiges will bring tons of charm to your green kitchen. Over 80 hand-painted designs for states, cities and landmarks will make wiping glasses a whole more fun. They are all irresistible. Collect them at

If you have not yet, make greening your home your top priority in 2015.  Not only is it safer, it will make the house stronger in health and spirit, inspiring you to more graceful and ethical living.

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