Metro Home: The Gtech AirRam and Behr Marquee Interior Paint & Primer – An Innovative Duo for A Better Home

Here are two products that will amaze you with their sheer brilliance — to the point where you’ll wonder why they haven’t existed for decades:

The Gtech AirRam ushers in a new era in vacuums with its lightweight, environmentally efficient, cordless, bag-less, versatile features. It weighs a mere 7.7 lbs and is so sleek and ultra-modern that you’ll practically want to put it on display. It can be connected to a PC via a USB to measure how many calories you’ve burned cleaning up, and it calculates the electricity you saved too. Immensely popular in England for good reason, this efficient vacuum will forever spoil you for any other. You can easily run up and down stairs with it and it’s probably lighter than your purse. What’s more, it does the job of a much larger model. Read more and order at

Behr Marquee Interior Paint & Primer will permanently change the way you perceive and use interior paint: its low VOC results in zero fumes and enables you to paint a room and then entertain in it the same weekend. Yahoo! Its One-Coat Color Collection does the job faster than traditional paint and the various colors (all 372 of them) are gorgeous. Fusing paint and primer results in a swifter paint job, and parents, take note: the paint is scrubbable and very easy to clean. Visit and find Behr at Home Depot stores too.

There’s no reason to tolerate strong paint fumes or to lug around massive vacuums any more and that has to be good news for spring cleaning.

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