Metro Home: Holiday Indulgences and Exquisite Essentials


Home and Holiday are practically synonymous, so here are some helpful or cherished items to impart cheer for you, your family, and your visitors:

Let there be cappuccino and espresso this season after feasts and revelry, and in the mornings when most appreciated. The Mr. Coffee Steam & Cappuccino Maker is functional, affordable, and would also be a fantastic gift for anyone who frequents cafes (i.e. almost everyone).

Artifact Uprising is a unique and fantastic concept: gather the images that mean to most to people — whether on social media or from digital cameras – and then create hardcover and soft cover books, wood boxes with an image or phrase (from reclaimed wood), wood clipboard calendar, wood block + prints, or postcards for recipients to enjoy for generations to come. A quote on their website reads: “Inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible,” which sums up the value and benefit of these personal gifts. Artifact Uprising is environmentally responsible, and the prices are reasonable as well; check everything out at

Edward Marc Chocolates are indescribably delicious, so give them as gifts or place boxes on a guest’s pillow. If the tables are turned, then thank your relatives with a tower present for having you over for the holidays. Any guest worth his or her salt would appreciate a box of Edward Marc Terrapins or creams perched on a bedtime pillow. Another scrumptious chocolate treat is a bag of Snappers from The Milkshake Factory, which contain no preservatives or trans fat and are created from a 100-year old family recipe. Find both brands at

Everyone should have a supportive pillow for a restful sleep, and that’s where The Proper Pillow originates as a gift idea. Designed by San Diego chiropractor Dr. Rick Loos to support the neck, back and spine whether you sleep on your back or your side, it enables you to wake refreshed from a beneficial alignment while asleep. It also curtails the constant flipping (or rotisserie sleeping) throughout the night that can become a pet peeve for adults who share a bed. Read more at

The Hatchery Tasting Box is a monthly artisanal food subscription service – think of it as a type of Birch Box for foodies, chefs and aspiring chefs. This is a spot-on gift for the gourmet food enthusiasts on your list. This incoming box of inspired edibles and condiments enables you to experience new products before purchasing, and the Hatchery Tasting Box founders believe that the origin of what you eat is every bit as important as the flavor; as a result, each producer is featured on the website:

Cookbooks are a useful and long-lasting gift option for foodies, and the two we love right now are The Juice Bar: 80 Recipes To Boost Your Health and Mini Pies: Gorgeous Little Pies and Tartlets. Bolster your health with one of the beneficial fruit and vegetable concoctions, then indulge with a mini tartlet that won’t take a wrecking ball to your diet plans. Perfect balance! Find both of these books at

Hen House Linens are lovely to look at, whimsical, well-crafted, and artful. You’ll want to use them every day, yet they’re suitably elegant for special occasions. If you know people who love to entertain and present lavish meals, Hen House Linens would be just the right gift to grace their table; visit for napkins, table runners and table cloths, and place mats.

Tickety Boo Hot Chocolate Mix was founded by three sisters in Washington who wanted to share their unique family recipe with the world at large. For generations, people had loved the hot chocolate mix their family created and distributed to friends and loved ones in brown paper bags at holiday time. To honor that custom, Ticketty Boo (which roughly means “all is well” in Merry oOde England) is sold in brown paper bags. Stock up for winter at

Have a Merry Holiday and a Joyous New Year!

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