Metro Home: Summer Host Gifts They’ll Love

‘Tis the summery season for vacations and weekend getaways. Need ideas for hostess gifts? Here’s a roundup of items your host will actually put to good use, while thinking of you as they enjoy.

A fine wine is always a perfect gift to accompany meals or add to a host’s trove. The newly launched OUT EAST Rose from Cote de Provence is dry, crisp, and brims with bright mineral tension. It makes an exceptional gift and pairs well with an array of dishes due to its complex aromas of white peach, citrus zest, wild red berries, white flowers, and baking spices. Grapes hail from vines grown on limestone and clay soils on an estate in Montfort-sur-Argens Provence. Your hostess will appreciate this! Find it at

PURITY VODKA is an award-winning, non-GMO organic Swedish vodka that’s been distilled 34 times to ensure optimal purity. Perfect for a beach party, poolside cocktails gifts, and special occasions, this is an extraordinary spirit for anyone who loves vodka. You can taste the purity! Find it at Astor Wines and at

Is your host health-conscious? For a distinctive gift that s/he will use and interact with every day, give the SHAPA scale, a Smart Scale without numbers that utilizes artificial intelligence and behavioral science to promote a healthy lifestyle. Designed by Dan Ariely, a NY Times bestselling author and Duke professor, you use it with an app to bypass the de-motivating “number on the scale” factor, and instead focus on behavior, habit, and knowledge. hrough artificial intelligence and machine learning, over time Shapa improves the missions it recommends for each individual, providing an individually tailored approach to health. The Shapa subscription supports up to 7 users. Shapa will eventually tackle other fluctuating health challenges, such as blood pressure, blood glucose level, and cholesterol monitoring. Brilliant and innovative! Order it at

Everyone appreciates plush, fine bath towels — every season, every reason — so if you’re a guest or expecting guests this summer, check out the soft, cottony wonderfulness of Noble Excellence Micro Cotton Elite Bath Towels, which are 100% fluffy cotton and come in an array of colors to please everyone. Exclusive to

Are you going to a cookout and/or is your host a beef lover? If so, gift the new book “Craft Beef: A Revolution of Small Farms and Big Flavors” by Ethan Lowry and Joe Heitzeberg.
We know all about the origin and flavors of our coffee beans, but not about the steak we eat, so Lowry and Heitzeberg set out to school us on breeds such as Belted Galloway or Murray Grey. They crowdfunded a cow (Crowd Cow) along with 40 or 50 other “steak holders” and discovered a rich, varied world of breeds, producers, and cuisines that can best be described as “craft beef.” Crowd Cow works directly with independent farmers across the country to bring high quality craft beef to your doorstep, complete with stories about the farm and farmer who raised it. This is not a cookbook but a book about this moo-vement (bada bing!) of crowdsourcing beef. Check out this a video link that explains the concept, too:

May your summer be bright and memorable!

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