Metro Home: Hosting A Thanksgiving Feast? Let A Pro Help!


Sometimes the right tool or expert advice can make a world of difference when preparing meals and hosting parties. Here’s some sage advice and a few tried-and-true products to help you relax and savor your time with loved ones.

L.A. celebrity restaurateur and entertaining expert Liza Utter graced the Big Apple recently with her Life of the Party Tour, and had much to say about hosting parties in New York, all of it good news. Small spaces render a party more intimate so candles can cast a magical glow. Hors d’oeuvres need only come in threes, and a full bar is unnecessary – one signature cocktail and wine is sufficient. But most crucial: enjoy yourself! It sets the tone and relaxes everyone, and it means that you’ll truly connect with the people you’ve invited. For incredible tips on how to set the stage for a delightfully stress-free party, visit

QVC and In the Kitchen with David host David Venable joined forces at an event recently to highlight what’s hot in cooking and dining. The result was delicious and nutritious, and QVC’s new kitchen products are most impressive. Read David’s blog at, and be sure to check out the site’s extensive bakeware, cookware, kitchen tools, cookbooks, appliances, knives and food storage collections. Honestly, seems to have everything you need under the sun, so it’s a good bet that you’ll fall in love with something on the site. Or everything on the site.

Rid your home of 99.99% of its dust and allergens before and after you see guests with the Shark Navigator Lift-Away. Equipped with a HEPA filter and detachable canister for ultra-lightweight cleaning, it’s a mere 7lbs. The Shark Cordless Stick-Vac is another fantastic vacuum in this product line, and both can be found at major retailers or by visiting Using the Shark is so much fun that you’ll actually look forward to vacuuming.

Melitta coffeemakers are as awe-inducing as one would expect from the brand that turns coffee into an art, and will provide cups of well-frothed cappuccino for guests to appreciate along with dessert. Melitta’s coffee machines are designed to be easy to use, yet uncompromising in terms of coffee quality (which is crucial to ardent coffee lovers). Check out the selection at — there are sizes and variations to please everyone, and they make a great holiday gift, too.

Brita is synonymous with clean, fresh water due to their efficient filters and now Brita has expanded its range to include filter-topped sports water bottles and elegant filtered pitchers (shown above). Show your guests some love by providing clean water. You can add cranberries, lime slices or even sliced cucumber to flavor the offering, and make your coffee with it as well. One Brita pitcher filer can replace 300 16.9-ounce disposable water bottles; visit

Yankee Candle provides subtle scented candles to fill your space with welcoming cheer, and you can choose from an array of styles. Add a delicate pumpkin spice or vanilla lime scent to your festivity – the grapefruit is refreshing too. One of the best features of Yankee Candles is how long they’ll last – up to 150 hours – so you’ll enjoy them long after the party’s over, and well in to the next one.

Waterproof, non-toxic Gorilla Glue will feel like a godsend when you need to tape or glue anything back together before, during or after guests arrive. Leg falls off of a chair when Aunt Trudy sits down, pumpkin pie in hand? Gorilla Glue has that covered. Favorite ceramic vase chipped when a besotted in-law tipplesMelitta into it? Turn to the Gorilla. And access to every size of duct tape, of course, solves practically everything.

Now you’re prepared for everything. Happy Thanksgiving!

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