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Getting a comfortable night’s sleep can make a world of difference in your happiness and productivity when you’re awake. After testing a Protect-A-Bed mattress, the resounding verdict was “Wow, best mattress I’ve ever slept on…” so we feel pretty confident telling you that this is the golden ticket for mattresses. If you’re moving into a new place this Fall, or have a college student who will need a new (waterproof) mattress, go to and have one shipped straight to your door. The mattresses are easy to unpack because they “spring into place” once opened and remain moveable until then.

You can also find pillows, mattress protectors, pillow protectors, sheets, bed bug kits, Queen sofas, waterproof tops, and much more at the Protect-A-Bed website, in sizes ranging from Twin to King-size options, and in soft to firm levels.

The reason Protect-A-Bed mattresses are so comfortable is that they conform to the sleeper by using 2-inches of cooling, gel-infused air foam, 1.5 inches of comfort support foam, and 6.5 inches of base foam for stability and to prevent sinking (see above graphic). The ratio definitely works! On top of that, the mattresses are waterproof, bedbug-proof and mite-proof and block dust mites, too – hence the name. Their quality is certified with a 3-year warranty, FDA-Class grade, Good Housekeeping seal of approval, and a thumbs-up from Oeko-Tex.

Savor a peaceful slumber on a mattress that feels like Cloud Nine! You deserve it.

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