Metro Home: Have a Merry Hammacher Holiday

Hammacher Schlemmer has always represented innovation and quality, and their holiday catalog is practically a guide to riveting new inventions. Here are just a few items that made us marvel:

The Luminescent Moon Clock glows in the dark. It absorbs enough energy during the daytime to emit a soft, ethereal light for 3 to 4 hours each night to enchant your surroundings. The lunar image is digitally printed to the back of a flat glass face to prevent scratching. You’ll have to admit that the broad basin of Mare Imbrium (12 o’clock) and the Sea of Tranquility (3 o’clock) have never looked so romantic.

Imagine returning home after a long day in heels and enjoying your own Acupressure Foot Massager with 192 fingertip-like massage nodes, soothing infrared heat, and compression from the top chambers for deep relief for your feet. Three different speeds and a variety of time intervals round out the picture. Brilliant!

The LP and Cassette to CD/Digital Converter is exclusive to Hammacher and long overdue for transferring your, your parents, or your grandparents’ music to modern times. This would be ideal as a family gift for anyone with a backlog of albums or cassettes in the attic – or if a NYC resident, languishing in Manhattan Mini Storage. Also ideal for antique and thrift shoppers who want to purchase vintage albums: now you’ll know how to convert them to the digital realm.

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