Metro Home: Sizzling Summer Style

When you’re languidly sipping lemonade at home and the sun is a scorcher, you want your home to be as eco-friendly, inviting, and uplifting as possible for your chill respite. Whether you’re revamping a sunny city apartment or an escape-from-New-York abode, these items will take everything up a notch:


Lacoste conjures up images of crisp summer tennis whites, and the brand’s Spring ’16 bedding collection is just as fresh and appealing. You can change the entire look of a room with a comforter update — and cool, clean cotton sheets are one of life’s summery pleasures. The Lacoste College Bedding Collection is ideal for a recent grad moving into a new summer apartment (or returning home), and your summer guests will appreciate Lacoste bath towels. Peruse the Lacoste offerings (including decorative pillows) at and marvel over how Lacoste style manages to be simultaneously classic and modern.


The concept of eco-friendly Milk Paint is brilliant, and The Real Milk Paint Company draws upon its long history, dating back thousands of years, to present its quality, modern update. Milk Paint was originally comprised of only milk, lime, and pigments, and The Real Milk Paint brand keeps its paint naturally organic to impart vibrant, eco-friendly color to your home. In our era of green, non-toxic paint usage, this all natural and biodegradable paint brand enables you to eschew harmful fumes, and their 100% organic paints that provide matte, velvet, chalky paint surfaces. Mix and match to create your own colors and styles, add decorative touches to furniture, or thin it for a wash coat or dye stain. It’s odorless, fast-drying, and comes in a full range of colors. Read more about the possibilities, and order at

Enjoy your home this summer, and fill it with people you love.

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