Metro Home: Spring Ahead with Yuthica, Clean and India & Purry

While we are still bundled up in scarves, hats and thermals, it might be hard to believe but spring is just a few weeks away. It’s time to get your home ready for the change of season in a way that will stimulate your senses and bring a fresh breath of air into your domicile. Following are some wonderful new products from Yuthica, Clean and India & Purry.


The classic reed diffuser by Yuthica is the perfect air freshener for bedroom, bath or living room. It’s a great accent item for a room without burning a candle. There are various scents but this month we chose their C’est Bon scent — fresh and clean with floral notes.


Yuthica also offers an assortment of Travelogue Candles that capture the essence of various places around the globe like Marrakech, Santorini and Tahiti… We love the Florence scent with its woody notes and herbal essence.


Their Tongue and Cheek collection is perfect for a housewarming gift that comes in a colorful and artistic canister with quirky messages and designed with the company’s lotus flower logo — beautiful. These candles come in various scents and all are made from soy wax.

Check out all of their items here:


Jessica Hollander creates some of the most interesting and creative art pieces for the home. Her company, India & Purry, is based in Brooklyn, NY. She makes everything from pillow covers to room ornaments and stunning note cards. Her coaster collections add a special touch to your parties and gatherings (above).


These tile pieces come together like a puzzle and create the full picture. They are the perfect new addition for a cocktail party this spring. They capture nature with the inspiration and richness of an oil painting. You and your guests will love them.

Shop and see more of her gorgeous work here:


For the linen closet and bath, we recommend Clean Warm Cotton. This fragrant spray eliminates odors and makes your linens smell clothesline fresh. The top notes are citrus and verbena. They also make Rain with melon daffodil and watermint.


Help rid the winter blues and welcome spring with fresh scents, open arms and windows. Bring on La Primavera.

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