Metro Home – Stretching Summer Living Into Fall

For many of us, October is a bittersweet month. Cooler weather and gorgeous displays of changing leaves are refreshing after months of thermometer-busting days and parched greenery. Still, there’s something about summer living that’s hard to give up! If the thought of saying goodbye to your barbecue and packing up your sandals gets you all misty, here are a few products to help ease you into autumn with smile intact.

Keeping fun summer images around is a great way to stay all warm and fuzzy as the days cool off. Place photos of beach days and backyard sprinkler shenanigans in odd spots around your home. For a more polished look, nose around the quirkiest gallery on the web, Whatever summer means to you, you’ll find it there. Images from a globe-spanning group of artists and designers can be made into practically anything you like, from framed prints to iPhone cases.

Grilling is, quite possibly, the most iconic summer activity. There’s just something about an open flame in the Great Outdoors that makes everything taste terrific. While dragging your barbecue into the kitchen isn’t exactly wise (trust me, it won’t end well), there is a counter-friendly compromise: the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill. This sleek electric grill has a 200 cooking surface, five temperature settings and a domed cover for grilling, roasting and more. If weather permits, use its base and cook outside. If it doesn’t, pop the grill onto any heat-resistant surface and carry on! A few perfectly cooked steaks and insanely easy clean-ups later, charcoal will be a distant memory. Find yours at or your local Target store. If the chill in the air has already invaded your bones, why not whip up a cozy concoction in a Simplemente Delicioso San Miguel 13.7qt Caldera? Designed by Cooking Channel and Univision celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffman, this roomy aluminum pot is both beautifully functional and bright enough to keep your kitchen in summer mode all year long! Find this and Ingrid’s entire line of mood-lifting cookware at

With all that cooking going on, the next part of summer you might want to protect (at least until true sweater weather hits) is your beach body! Take a break from the noms once in a while and toss some fruit and veggies into a Black & Decker Juice Extractor. This powerful, affordable, easy to use juicer makes deliciously healthy drinks in minutes, takes up surprisingly little counter space and comes apart easily to make cleanup a breeze. Treat yourself to one at Wal-Mart, Kohl’s and Macy’s. For an even quicker, lighter boost, Reed’s Culture Club Kombucha tea is perfect. Made with the finest organic ingredients, this blend of Oolong and Yerba Mate teas and kombucha culture comes in summery flavors like Goji Ginger, Cabernet Grape and Lemon Ginger Raspberry. Sip them solo or get creative and mix up some palm tree-worthy cocktails! Find your nearest Reed’s retailer at If you’ve sipped every carrot in the house, you’re all tea’d out and there’s still a muffin top where your six pack used to be, shroud the offending poof in an It Works! Body Wrap. This gem is made of non-woven cloth and infused with a botanically based formula so powerful, firming and toning results are visible in just 45 minutes (and progress over time). Treat yourself to one at

Enjoy a healthy, happy, downright summery fall!