Metro Home: Top 5 Products From The Fancy Food Show

We recently attended the Fancy Food Show in Soho and discovered several products that improve our health and subsequently, our appearance. Following are the picks of the contenders to improve your skin, hair and vibrancy while satisfying your taste buds.


PaperChef is a Canadian company that makes parchment paper and cooking so much healthier and very easy to prepare delicious meals. These culinary parchment cooking bags are very convenient. We did a test with a filet of salmon, dill, lemon, string beans and carrots; baked it in the oven and the outcome was comparable to several of the local bistros in the city. We won’t name names. Try them.

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Oregano - Tonnino

Desire a tuna salad for lunch? We recommend Tonnino. They offer a whole selection of tuna fillets in various seasonings, flavors and options such as olive oil, spring water, jalapeño and lemon pepper. We chose the oregano with olive oil as the best. The fillets are perfect to top a salad, make hors d’oeuvres or grill them in a panini with pesto.

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If you like it spicy, we just discovered Sharwood’s. These Chinese, Indian and Thai cooking sauces create exotic, tasty and fiery meals at home. The Tikka Masala was very easy to prepare with chicken. We also enjoyed the Jalfrezi sauce with lamb. You can find recipes on their website and spices that will enhance every meal.

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Certified 100% organic mushroom powder, Mushroom Matrix is a company based in San Diego, CA that dehydrates the shrooms to retain all enzymatic activity. The result provides a whole raw food that is gluten-free with naturally occurring antioxidants and vital nutrients. We select their Beauty formula for hair, skin and nails.

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Green tea is one of our best friends for weight loss and healthy living. Pukka makes a clean green version with a burst of lemon that makes the brew taste even better. If you are not a tea drinker, mix it with your favorite juice or beverage. The effects will show in your daily constitution, skin, eyes and demeanor.

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Most of these products are available at Whole Foods or your local Health Food Store.

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