Metro Home: Winter Dining Adventures


The kitchen has a different feel in the winter months as a place of warmth, respite and delectable food. Since you’ll be spending more time at home, you’ll want to check out these products that take the bite out of blizzards.

The new 16-piece Rachel Ray dinnerware sets at captures her fun-loving warmth with sturdy dinnerware in slightly offbeat shapes (round at the rim, yet square at the base) and bright colors or patterns. Modern and durable, this dishware collection complements Rachel Ray’s Bubble and Brown bakeware or stands gloriously alone.

Photo By: Colin Erricson

Robert Rose publishers in Toronto offer cookbooks on every conceivable food topic: Tagine dishes, Babycake recipes, appetizers, rice cooker dishes, Best Tacos, Best Diabetes Desserts, gluten-free recipes, 300 Sensational Soups, 200 Best Panini Recipes, artisan breads and hundreds of other practical, hands-on cookbooks. Reasonably priced, and meant to be sullied with messy fingerprints (and used for years), these helpful books can be purchased at or

Takeya’s tagline is “designs that enrich your life,” which is incredibly apt, since everything this brand offers is beautiful, efficient and elegantly simple. Nothing is overly complicated, yet everything is useful. The 66-ounce Flash Chill Lemonade Maker features a twist on cap with squeezer at the top for quick lemonade right in the carafe. The 360 Degree Carafe is one of our favorites because it’s reminiscent of a large laboratory beaker. See it all for yourself at; you’ll definitely love something there.

The Spice Lab’s Sea Salt Collection will add exotic gourmet flavors to dishes, and also makes a thoughtful gift for foodies and/or adventurers. Nestled in a wood base of recycled lumber, the salts are presented in five, six or eleven test tubes, and feature flavors from around the globe such as Applewood Smoke, Bali Coconut, Cyprus Black, Molokai Black Hawaiian, Murray River Australia, Himalayan Crystal Salt, and dozens more from Japan and Persia to New Zealand and Mexico. Take a salty tour of the world!

Warm up with flowering Numi teas, perfect for the health conscious as well as those who appreciate the tea’s aesthetics. The flowers are hand-sewn in China and best enjoyed visually in a clear glass pot. They’re also fragrant and full of flavor. Choose your favorites at

Stay warm and cozy.

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