Metro Kitchen Holiday

Here are some culinary-themed stocking stuffers and tasty ideas for hosts and hostesses for holiday entertaining.

Everyone seems to love ice cream, and no one seems to love packing on the pounds, so Arctic Zone has solved that problem quite brilliantly with its selection of delicious low-cal ice cream bars and pints for holiday drinks, recipes and desserts. They’re akin to a protein shake in ice cream form, and only 150 calories per pint. This brand is gluten free, low-glycemic, high in fiber, all natural and devoid of artificial flavors. Arctic Zone comes in coffee, strawberry, mint chocolate cookie, cookies and cream, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla and more. Enter the Arctic Zone at

Umbra’s Tricon Canisters provide stylish space-saving economy that’s most useful for holiday feasts, and practical for daily use. BPA-free and with soft lids that double as a cup-size measuring tool, these are an addition to the kitchen that will be appreciated year-round. Use them for coffee, pasta, legumes, spices, flour – or what have you;

Gourme Mist is a 5-calorie flavor and cooking spray collection that includes canola oil, extra virgin olive oil, plain balsamic vinegar or balsamic vinegar flavored with pomegranate or raspberry. Cooking is rendered lighter, healthier and easier with these gourmet sprays, as are salads, so saute, brown, roast, baste, mist and season with wild abandon. Find it at

There’s nothing quite as sweet, delicious and aromatic as real vanilla, which is why you’ll appreciate Heilala’s premium vanilla (prnounced hey-la-la). Straight from the Tongan fields in New Zealand and new to the U.S., this exquisite vanilla is available in bean form, extract, paste, sugar, syrup or ground powder. Let it be the secret in your recipes:

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