Metro Man: 4 Ways to Make a Guy Smile


According to the recent Journal of Periodontology, women are more proactive than men when it comes to maintaining their teeth and gums. Women are almost twice as likely to have received regular dental checkups in the past year. It’s also reported that men’s teeth rank high on the list for dating according to

That being said, I decided to focus on ways to make a man smile this month.


#4: Tom’s of Maine originated in 1970 when Tom and Kate Chappell decided to create and sell their own natural, unprocessed personal care products. They began with a $5,000 loan from a friend and the philosophy that their company would not harm the environment. This month I chose their toothpaste. The Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste is clinically proven to provide quick comfort and long-lasting protection from sensitive tooth pain. You will notice the flavor is different from the commercial brands, the ingredients include natural oils and botanical extract.

I chose them for their effectiveness, quality and dedication to our planet.

Shop here:


#3: Plaque HD is the first professional plaque-identifying toothpaste. The product lets you see the buildup on your teeth and gums. Here is how it works: You use it like regular toothpaste; put a pea-sized amount on your brush, do your normal cleaning and spit out the remainder in the sink. Check in the mirror for green plaque residue and remove it with a clean toothbrush or dental pick. Tada!

Check this out:


#2: Luster Premium White is one of the most effective ways to whiten teeth at home. A difference in hue occurs in as little as 30 minutes without any tooth sensitivity or enamel damage. It comes with a whitening light that accelerates the process so he can have a brighter smile within time for a special occasion. The directions give the option of a flexible treatment schedule so you can whiten when you want, either all at once or spaced out across several days. The kit includes: accelerator mouthwash, whitening serum and activating light. I tested it and it works best to spread out the treatments over a few weeks.

Learn more here:

#1: A man’s oral hygiene and pearly whites are fundamentally important for both health and relationship; we all agree with that. These are my three picks for the month.

There are other ways to make him smile and I leave them up to you.


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