Metro Man: Assigned Fall Reading


September is as good a time as any to dig into a few good books, since it subconsciously marks back-to-school (or back to work). Our September selections range from informative and practical to bawdy and hilarious – we think you’ll thoroughly enjoy them.

Wiley Publishing’s Limited Liability Companies for Dummies by Jennifer Reuting is surprisingly practical, providing little-known, nuanced information about this ubiquitous corporation option and walking you effortlessly through the steps required to create one. Purchase it at and understand the various reasons why people opt to create an LLC company.

Another insightful, business-forward book is Executive Thinking: What The Greatest Leaders Possess by Morris Graham and Kevin Baize, which will help you reach your unique potential with visual-spatial thinking. Since we only do and accomplish what we’re capable of thinking about, this book will enable you to expand your mind, horizons, paycheck and perspectives. Pick it up at Barnes & Noble stores or on

Remember how much rollicking fun you had with AdLibs as a pre-teen? The verb/adjective/noun wordplay continues, thanks to The Maxims of Manhood Presents: ManLibs Book by Max Biggs, only this is one is definitely for adults. Great for parties, bon vivants and barflies; you can find it at

In a similar vein, Manwords: Words For Real Men by comedian Jeremy Greenberg decodes bro words such as Pony Keg, Crack Back, Himbo, Candy Apples, Tap Out and hundreds more — and also provides a list of words no man should ever utter, under any circumstances. Sounds like something you should know? Read more about manly words at

The Dangerous Book for Men by Rod Green imparts wisdom about adventuresome skills such as lighting a fire in a downpour, fending off an attacking bull, setting a broken limb, harvesting food in the wild, and much more. Fascinating, useful and potentially life-saving, this is a book to cherish and keep in your car’s glove box (especially if you’re living out of your car in the Everglades). Available 9/20/11, you can find it at and Barnes and Noble stores.

The Bite Me Cookbook by Julie Albert and Lisa Gnat is an entertaining read, even if you don’t care a whit about food – that’s how well-written and funny it is – yet the recipes are delectable. The author sisters have created a book described as “a stomach-satisfying, visually gratifying, fresh-mouthed cookbook.” Every man’s kitchen should have one;

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