Metro Man: August Best Buys for Guys

Astronomy Los Angeles has rebranded itself as Astrneme. The LA based clothier produces menswear that is perfect for this season — for the beach, lake, pool and park. In particular I like their cotton casual shirt with tree print in blue teal. The short sleeve, lightweight fabric and detail stitching gave it high marks for my roster of picks this month.

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For inspired adornment this month, I chose Simbi Clay Bracelets. This company is based in Haiti. In their culture, Simbi is the water spirit. She is called upon to facilitate solutions to problems. In honor of its namesake, each Simbi sale brings clean water and sustainable jobs to Haiti through Aqua Haiti. The clay beads on each bracelet are harvested in the mountains, hand rolled, baked and painted. They are also 100% organic and biodegradable. I chose them for their attractiveness and the fact that each bracelet creates 15 sustainable jobs in their country.

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I am not the kind of guy that separates cologne from perfume. As long as the scent isn’t too floral, I believe scents should be unisex. That being said, this month I chose Phlur as the must-have fragrances for summer travel. This company is leading the way with “Cutting the B.S. out of perfume.” I selected Phlur this month for their innovation of a TSA-approved universal travel vial to fill with your favorite fragrance for any adventure. It’s called The Wanderer. Every guy who is traveling the friendly skies or hitting the road should have this.

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Uwezo contributes to the economic growth, stability and peace in Africa. These shoes are a must-have as we lead into the fall season. Aside from their amazing styles and selection of men’s shoes, the company provides orphaned and vulnerable African children with an education. I chose them this month for their amazing men’s oxfords in black and white. The quality of this footwear is superior.

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Dryfins Swimwear offers swimming trunks for men and boys that prevent chafing. The swimsuits are comfortable and live up to their claim by inserting a special lining that lets the garment breathe. Every guy will appreciate these trunks as they venture off to the beach, pool or lake for the rest of the summer.

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