Metro Man: Best Gifts for Guys

It doesn’t matter if it’s his birthday, bachelor party, holiday, anniversary or date night. Celebrate your man and guy friends with something special at every opportunity. Following are a few gift ideas that I believe all guys will appreciate.

#4: Mantry — This Food-of-the-Month Club for men is the brain-child of three entrepreneurs, Reggie, Tony and Kyle. The rugged crates are delivered with many premium select items and the gift keeps coming consisting of 6 gift crates in one year if you choose their subscription option. Inside each gift crate are dried meats, sauces and confections and made by the best artisan small companies in American cities and towns.

Guys will receive products such as Farm to Table Organic Oatmeal, Yellow Bird Blue Agave Sririracha, Lark Coconut Butter Cookies and Ficks Premium Cocktail Mix. I think it’s great concept and besides, what guy doesn’t like beef jerky or spicy sauce?

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#3: Dazi Socks and Ties – I love their ties and now I’m a fan of their socks. Dazi is adding a lot of color to menswear from handsome, thin neck ties and bow ties to their current socks . I’ve noticed many metro men have been putting more thought into their business and formal attire. I see them climbing the subway steps or heading into an office. These socks add a punch of individuality to their attire. The colors are vibrant and the quality is superior for endurance.


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#2: The ThumbsUp! Recipe Cocktail Shaker called Soirée is a cocktail shaker that includes popular cocktail instructions like how to make the perfect Mai Tai, Cosmo, Martini, Daiquiri, Margarita, etc. By twisting the shaker, the ingredients are displayed with the proper ounces for each ingredient. This will certainly make the man/bartender the hit of the party while he has a lot of fun shaking up the adult beverages at your next party, backyard barbeque or social gathering. This shaker gives the ingredients for 8 popular cocktails.

The ThumbsUp! Recipe Cocktail Shaker costs $31.34 from Amazon

#1: The Keyport Pivot is based on the Swiss Army Knife design but it’s actually a key chain and tool box. It includes a place for home, office and car keys, a pen, USB flash drive insert and various tools that men use on a daily basis to fix things.  This gift is handy for all men who tinker and fix things on a daily basis. One of the biggest problems with keys is losing them. The Pivot comes with a Lost and Found Program that connects the person who found the device with the owner.  Simply register it online.

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