Metro Man: Cool Finds for May


May marks graduation time, the onset of summer, and days brightened by sun-stroked skies. Here are some excellent products of note to consider for grads, athletes and professionals.

The portable wireless Super Tooth Disco travels easily to deliver music, mirth and merriment to festivities anywhere you roam. Perfect as gifts for grads to kick back and celebrate with iPod favorites, this Bluetooth multimedia speaker can be connected wirelessly to a Bluetooth mobile phone, PDA, or Bluetooth-enabled computer. Find it at, or at, or J&R Music stores.

Since 1892, the Parker Pen has been a traditional graduation gift for good reason: it stands the test of time, it’s useful, it’s practical, and it serves as a reminder of impressive accomplishment year after year. Parker offers a spectrum of different styles with eight new collections that feature modern ink tip and ballpoint, with the famous arrow clip. Make your point with a Parker;

Liven up meetings and seminars with the gigantic Post-it Brand Easel Pad. This large-scale Post-It lets you highlight important aspects of your presentation without having to resort to eye-glazing, yawn inducing, and seemingly endless Powerpoint presentations. Whether training interns or leading a huge seminar, this prop will keep things lively, organized and clear. Find it a Staples stores and at

Have you ever wished for a built-in filter on your water bottle that could filter out anything? Water Geeks presents the Pure Blue Filter, which is the first and only water bottle filter effective against nefarious Chromium 6, which has been found in tap water in 42 states. Made from a coconut-based carbon blend, these filters are effective against heavy metals and chlorine, and easily snap into the bottle. You can purchase them at, or at Target and Neiman Marcus stores. Filters last four months with three bottle refills daily.

Bamboo is the greener wood option, and the Rsession Tools Bamboo Brush Collection with boar and nylon bristles features four distinctive round styling brushes, as well as two detailing brushes. Designed by lauded stylists Kevin Ryan and Frank Rizzieri, you can take these for a well-coiffed spin, or present them as a gift to a lucky grad with a luxurious mane of hair. Find them at Ricky’s stores or at

When the sun’s out, athletes need sunblock that will stand up to sweat, won’t run in their eyes, permits the skin to breathe naturally, and will stay on through thick and thin. This is why Scape Sunblock is so brilliant. It can be applied at the start of day and will endure through races and buckets of sweat. With 1.3 million diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the United States, Scape is more than just a comfort product – it’s a life-saving necessity. Find it at

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