Metro Man: How To Fix His T-Shirt Troubles


Most people simply toss-out perfectly fine T-shirts, especially the ones that guys wear under a dress shirt. Over time the collar and the underarms discolor with the daily use of cheap soap, deodorant and antiperspirant. On average, professional men go thru at least three undershirts per month for a total of approximately $500 or more annually. Think about where that money could be spent or invested elsewhere.

This month, we take a look at the T-shirt biz and reveal a combination of solutions that work to maintain the garment for a longer life and ways to save money that could mean an extra pair of shoes, stock investments, a night on the town or even a weekend getaway.


RibbedTee is the focus this month for undershirts. I like their structure, selection and the fact that they are made in the U.S.A. The company’s claim to fame is fashioned after the length of the shirts that stay tucked in pants without bulging. As far as undergarments go, this is a very good start especially if you want a light-weight cotton-blend that breathes. I think the fabric could be denser but I like the v-neck in white and grey.

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The #1 reason that most undershirts have such a short life is due to the daily application of antiperspirant or deodorant. (Remember, guys, women have a superior sense of smell and can detect your presence from the minute you walk in the office, conference room, subway, elevator or even passing on the street.)

We tested a couple of new products on the market by Unilever and the outcome was rather surprising and definitely encouraging. The company is focusing on a direction with their launch of new sprays to help keep men protected and fresh with applications that hit the skin dry and last longer.

Axe White Label Dry Antiperspirant is one of the most interesting hygiene products for men; it lasts for up to 48 hours. The spray applies without leaving wetness or residue and the canister adds a new “twist” on its usage with a twist top so you don’t have to remove a cap. The “Night” formula dispenses a cool rush of grapefruit, lavender, cederwood and praline that might not mean much to males, but females will notice the olfactory notes immediately — clean and masculine.

For the athletic guy who needs an extra boost of confidence (vis-à-vis: smell good), check out the Degree Men Dry Spray Antiperspirant with Motionsense technology. It releases the active ingredients the more you move and that’s a good thing. We recommend the “Adventure” fragrance made with a blend of wood and musk.

These products are available at major drug stores and apothecaries.

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Finally, for guys who insist on using mega-store bar soaps and deodorants that leave a residue build-up, hand over a bottle of Deo-Go to your laundress or laund-bro. This is a stain remover for deodorant, soap, antiperspirant and grime. We tested it on a few t-shirts that had yellowing under the arms and it worked like a magic genie.

Undershirts, for the most part, go unseen and their function is to preserve the higher quality button down and formal or business attire while keeping the gent comfortable, dry and presentable. This product works on all garments.

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