Metro Man: Gearing-up Pre Fashion Week NYC

With the return of New York Fashion Week on the horizon, design houses, fashionistas, and masters of the runway ardently prepare for one of the most impressive and exciting traditions and exhibitions in the fashion world. It’s finally back for those who are fully vaccinated. Mark your calendars and visit the official New York Fashion Week for details and dates.

Following are just a few items that I have hand-picked to mark this season. My guidelines were not just aesthetics but also innovative manufacturing, care for our planet earth, and customization. After all, what we wear truly represents who we are as human beings.

#3: Designed for the long haul, Gomorrah creates exceptional clothing for men (and women) who want to give back to the planet and elevate humanity. Their clothing line is 100% plant-based and organic, using low-impact, non-toxic dyes, zero waste buttons made from seeds, and the entire spring clothing line is 100% compostable. I selected Gomorrah this month not only for their company principles but their attractive and comfortable casualness — it’s all about layering taken to a new level. Check out their t-shirts, pants as well as button-up shirts at the link below.  Share the pride with their Next-Gen Sustainability.

Gomorrah NYC

#2: Imagine designing your very own pair of high-quality footwear from sneakers to dress shoes or even mocassins. Well, now you can at Undandy. I’ve been a fan of this sophisticated, classic and comfortable line of shoes for men for several years now. If you don’t want to make your own design, you can also select from their vast selection of footwear. I personally like their Pablo Picasso Oxford and The Persistence of Memory Derby Shoes.



#1: I found the perfect man bag. The Bomber Jacket Crossbody Bag by Levenger. What sets this bag apart for me is the size and structure. Most bags of this style are large, bulky and last only a few weeks. Furthermore, I find backpacks cumbersome and filled with things that I don’t really need or use. The hefty jackets worn by WWII fighter pilots inspire this leather bag: The entire collection is made with rugged, pebbled leather for durability — It’s rugged but also pliable. With time the leather will mellow but also keep its powerful marks of time and usage.

Check out their full line of travel items, books, pens, leatherwear and accessories.