Metro Man: Groomed to Perfection from Head to Toe


Just look around this sunny season and you are bound to see some of the most attractive, strapping, healthy young dudes with a do as curly and retro as the days of disco.  Curls never really went out of style and if you are a guy lucky enough to have them, I say, let ‘em fly in the breeze.


The Curlsmith product line recently came across my grooming radar.  I immediately wanted to try their Miracle Shield on my head full of salt-n-pepper locks. The outcome was better than expected with a lightweight spray that makes my curls and waves radiant in the sunshine. My co-workers took notice. All you need to do is spray it on your hair after the shower and massage it gently covering your entire mane. You only need to finger style it to maintain the natural curls and you are ready to go. This product gets extra points for the fine scent of guava fruit.



It takes a lot of effort for men to get excited about underarm protection, however, here is something you may want to consider for personal hygiene and presentable for friends, loved ones and the public in general.  You first need to learn that not all deodorants are the same. Crystal is a different kind of deodorant based on Magnesium (a naturally occurring element used to create an easy transition from conventional antiperspirants). Most specifically, I am a fan of their Charcoal + Tea Tree and Seal Salt + Sage sticks. They earned extra points for their long-lasting protection and the longevity of the ingredients helps you to save some cash with every application. Just try it!



Listen up guys! It’s almost sandals, flip-flops and barefoot season. This is reason enough to focus on the hooves you’ve been hiding all winter with the Foot Doctor products from Earth Therapeutics. This complete kit comes with all the tools to clip, trim and push the cuticles as well as a pumice stick for calluses. Their Tea Tree Oil Cooling Foot Scrub and Foot Repair Balm with have you high stepping even after the first application. For those who need an extra kick in their trotters, I recommend you purchase Earth Therapeutics Purifying Charcoal Foot Mask and the Foamy Foot Shampoo. Yes, you read correctly. Try these therapeutic, smoothing and invigorating products to exfoliate the skin, deodorize and remove tough calluses. Use them in your bath and watch for the positive reaction from your significant other between the sheets.



It’s time to get out the Lawn Mower and Weed Wacker out of the garage. You know what I mean. Let’s be honest, you need to trim and shape the hairy beast. Everywhere means everywhere. Luckily for you, Manscaped, offers a unit to make it easy, painless and the results are magically smooth, hygienic and desirable. From sideburns to muttonchops, fu manchu to the nether rejoins, these clippers and trimmers do all the hard work. You will feel and look a caterpillar leaving a chrysalis. Free. You may also want to try their Crop Reviver. I will let you do the research at the link below the belt.


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