Metro Man: Menswear Rises Like the Phoenix with Malan Breton


The Spring/Summer 2017 fashion line takes flight in design and fabrics.

Malan Breton (in blue blazer) showcased his first New York Spring/Summer fashions in 2004. He was a contender on Season III of Project Runway and now is based in New York with businesses opening in London, Taiwan and Mainland China. “The business is evolving and growing,” he said.

This month, he gave us an exclusive peek of his latest creations at an intimate gathering in the Meatpacking district in lower Manhattan.

This is what we learned about his Spring/Summer 2017 menswear collection with the detailed, colorful and earthy elements and titled: “Severance” and “The Butterfly Effect”.


During a trip to the East Coast beachfront city of Taitung, Taiwan, Breton was inspired by the nature and beauty of the region so much that he immediately got back to designing and poured out his passion into this new line of clothing. He considers it ‘The Butterfly Effect.’

“There is an island called Orchid Island and we were invited to visit. They don’t allow people to come over unless you are invited. This experience moved me so much by seeing the nature of the lush greens, butterflies, owls and birds.” One of his pieces was inspired by an artifact of a Phoenix found in Taitung.


The collection incorporates silk organza, silk gazaar, dupioni, neoprene golden silk weaves, and Taiwanese reconstructed denim along with indigenous prints of the tribes of Taiwan. The watercolor prints are created exclusively for the fabrics using ecologically friendly dyes. “The gold in many of these pieces is literally embroidered in the fabrics. We used industrial embroidering machines and I always use a little bit of shine in my creations and I felt that it would be more comfortable for Spring and Summer in this manner so we incorporated a lot of cotton and linen.”


Malan Breton’s main collection is inspired by the 1969 Academy Award winning film, “Alice’s Restaurant”. Breton chose specific fabric weaving techniques in an unorthodox manner that emphasize details combined with unconfined and liberated silhouettes. The structure of his creations utilize the precision of Savile Row. This apparel is a testament to a newfound direction in menswear tailoring and design.

We continuously look forward to seeing men raising up from the ashes of their expected attire and taking more risks with their wardrobe.


Saúl Cubero Patiño conducted the interview and contributed to this article.

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Fascinating and inspiring. Thank you for the article about Malan Breton. He is the one to watch!
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