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More often than not, men go without using any kind of products on their faces, bodies or hair every day because they feel that grooming products are exclusively for women. While a majority of products out there are indeed for women, there’s still a wealth of essentials for men — each with their own benefits to you and your own individual body.

Waking up in the mornings and starting your routine is hard enough, let alone figuring out which grooming and hygiene product will work for you the best throughout your day. To take some of the hassle out of tracking down and figuring out which men’s grooming product is right for you, we have done the legwork and found Herbivore and Walton Wood Farm.


Coming out of Seattle, Herbivore is a botanicals company that specializes in naturals for the skin and body. We field tested two of their products and found them to be highly effective with regular usage.

The first product from Herbivore we tested was their Bamboo Charcoal Soap . Ideal for those with skin more on the oily side. Perfect for post workout washes, the Herbivore’s Charcoal Soap works the skin by drawing out and cleansing off excess oils, leaving skin softer, smoother, and actually clearer over the duration of its usage. For those who have blemishes on their backs and shoulders from heat and sweating from workouts, this is a solid choice to help manage that.

PostShaveElixir 3

We also field tested Herbivore’s Post Shave Elixir which we learned was not just for post shave skin care. Also being able to be used after cleansing the face, exfoliation treatments, or even just a hot shower, the Post Shave Elixir is great for restoring essential oils to the face that are otherwise washed off or scraped away after cleansing or shaving.

The Post Shave Elixir is a kind of hydrating toner that replaces moisture and skin softness while adding a manly scent to the visage. We found it works best when spritzed on right after exiting the shower or finishing up a hot shave.

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Scrolling through the endless river of usefulness that is Pinterest, we stumbled across a set of pins suggesting to try out a concept from alternative product makers Walton Wood Farm that we have never heard of before: solid colognes. Believing whole heartedly that the most efficient way to wear cologne was by spritzing it over strategic places on the body, we were skeptical, but after going through several days of field testing with Walton Wood Farm colognes, it is safe to say that we are now “solid” believers.


We tested three signature scents out of their nine piece collection : The Beast — a sporty and certainly not shy scent that presents an aroma of athleticism. The Huntsman which was our favorite, offered a robust outdoorsy scent that had a nice balance of musky and natural earthy smells. Finally, we tested The Gentleman which was the most mild of the three and was very subtle, but not so subtle that it’s scent was difficult to find.


Our favorite of the three was The Huntsman, which during field testing, we received numerous compliments about the scent throughout the day. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll share some of our favorite grooming products (that are known, and tested) to start the day right and keep men’s appearance that way all day long.

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