Metro Man: The PenULTIMATE Gift Guide for Men

We’re counting down the holiday shopping days. This year our Metro Man compiled a list of awesome gift ideas that fit men’s personalities.


Meat & Potatoes Guy

Master Purveyors was founded in 1957. This New York family owned and operated business provides the best wet and dry-aged prime USDA Angus beef for the leading steakhouses like Peter Luger, Wolfgang’s and Keen’s. They have several holiday packages that can be delivered to your home via over-night FedEx. I’m a huge fan of their Porterhouse steaks and the Peter Luger Old-Fashioned Steak Sauce. Delicious! This is the most savory and mouthwatering gift on this year’s list. Here is what he’ll receive when you order their Ultimate Holiday Meat Package:

1. USDA Rib Steaks (bone-in) Prime Dry-Aged – 2 steaks 22oz each.
2. USDA Prime Dry-Aged Strip Steaks (boneless) – 2 steaks 16oz each.
3. USDA Prime Master Purveyors Original Blend Burgers – 8 patties 6oz each.
4. USDA Prime Filet Mignon – 4 steaks 8oz each.
5. Lamb Rack American Frenched Cut Chops – 4 double chops.
6. USDA Prime Porterhouse Steaks – 2 steaks 24oz each.
7. Veal Rib French Cut Chops – 2 rib chops 12oz each.

You simply can’t go wrong with this gift for your carnivore.

Order here:


Tailgate Titan

Is your guy glued to the sofa during Monday Night Football or anything besides commercials on ESPN? Does his idea of cooking entail a secret recipe for BBQ sauce that will be slathered over ribs and served in a parking lot? If your answer is yes, The Shield by FitMark is the perfect gift to transport the goods. This light-weight cooler features the following: 3 large seal-tight containers, 2 high grade cool packs, custom vitamin and protein mix dispenser, and compartments for utensils, plates, serving accoutrement, whatever. The Shield keeps everything organized, cool and ready for the grill.

Your jock will be pleased with this gift and the pre-game outing even when his team loses.

Make a purchase here:


The Woodsman

I recently discovered OneLogFire. This company, based in Minnesota, will ship your ‘Paul Bunyan’ as many logs as you like — there are several bundles to choose from. They are portable fireplaces for your scruffy dude who likes to hunt, fish, chop trees and eat a hotdog (or twelve) over an open flame. The logs come with roasting skewers so you can snuggle by the fire and make smores after the live-long day.

Each kiln dried log is equipped with a carrying handle and nontoxic starter wick making it a no-fuss option for nearly two hours of log burning enjoyment and perfect for camping, hiking or even a backyard fire pit.

Check them out here:


Dapper Dan

If the men on your list like to take care of their skin, hair, body and are occasionally caught primping in a mirror, I’ve found the perfect pop-up store in Manhattan for you to find everything from head to toe along with really cool gift items like carrying cases by Nick Wooster, bar accessories and more. BirchBox is temporarily set up until December 28th in the East Village; it’s a grooming market haven that is booming and brimming with business and gift ideas. I suggest that you make your own personalized BirchBox from an assortment of skin and hair care products plus, socks and even tech doodads like USB cables. I’m a fan of the Birchbox Man capsule travel tote.

Birchbox Pop-up Shop
One Prince Street
New York, NY


Mr. Muscle

Does he stretch, workout and flex? If so, I strongly suggest the clothing line by Mizzen + Main. These shirts and pants are created for athletes by athletes. The style is as flattering and the entire collection is beyond the end zone, goal, hoop or home plate. The shirts are made with super fit tailoring, moisture wicking and low maintenance — they offer gift cards and every garment is American made. In fact, every Mizzen+Main shirt has a direct impact. Their mission is to put jobs before profits and the company strives to have a positive impact by continuing to work with the suppliers, sew shops, and distributors in the U.S. I like their mission and love their shirts.

Shop here:


G Men

Your best gay friend will be amused and efficient marking the 2015 calendar by The Warwick Rowers. This group of young men figured out a way to fund their sports club by stripping down and courting the LGBT community — the team is becoming a juggernaut and blockbuster phenomena with worldwide success — a humanitarian business model. They have created Sport Allies in partnership with support from senior sports figures like double Olympian and World Medallist rower Tom Solesbury. They raise boat loads of money fighting against homophobia in society and most specifically in professional sports. While the photos are uplifting, their back story is most moving.



The Kingpin

Swiss Legend watches are meticulously built to exacting standards using only the highest quality Swiss movements making them unparalleled in quality, variety, style and functionality. I’m a fan of their Expedition Collection (in gold pictured above). This gift will make your Santa on time, smartly dressed and probably swagger.

Wishing you and yours our very best this holiday season!

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