Metro Man: 7 Hot Picks That Protect From The Sun


With temperatures rising and the sunshine brightening up our days while beating down on our parks, beaches and exposed skin, it’s that time of year again to think about outdoor activities and how to prepare for them.

While enjoying nature is good for the mind, body and spirit, we all know that the sun’s rays can wreak havoc on our skin and eyes.
In preparation of spring and summer, we put together a list of essential items before you head outdoors.


#7). For intense sun days try Nectar Sunglasses. The polarized lenses are perfect for biking, the beach or sports in the park. This company started out in the surf and skate community and has grown into a popular fashion craze and necessity for outdoor enthusiasts and extreme sports fans. This season we recommend their Parday, Breck and Epic styles. The frames come at a price point for all budgets.

Shop here:


#6). Zealios is a high-performance skin care product line. Made for athletic and active men, this sunscreen with SPF 45 is greaseless and perfect for cyclists, golfers and tennis players who need to maintain their grip. It’s also good for swimmers and runners as the cream is absorbed into the skin for one of the highest protections from UV exposure.

Check it out here:


#5). To protect the lips from the sun, chapping, sun blisters and cold sores, we suggest Carmex. It comes in several flavors but we recommend the original small jar for the backpack or beach bag. You can also buy it in their convenient tube or stick. This is a necessary item for outdoor activities, road trips, day trips and lengthy vacations.



#4). When it comes to headwear to protect your noggin from the sun, the elements and premature aging, we suggest Nobis. This company’s line of hats is street smart, fashionable and the latest trend spreading from the surf in Cali to the streets of New York. We are fans of their Asher, Stakos and Initial styles — all of them are unisex and adjustable. There is a great selection of materials and colors. We also like the fact that their brimmed hats keep your face in the shade.

Make a purchase here:


#3). Another hot item on our list is specifically for certain faces. Pacific Rim Eyewear fit every face but are designed toward people with a lower nose bridge. If your sunglasses keep slipping of simply don’t fit properly, this brand is your saving grace. We are big fans of the Brooklyn style (pictured above) and suggest you purchase the polarized lenses. The fit feels tailored to your face and the styles come in a multitude of choices.

Read more and buy here:


#2). Aside from their awesome tank tops, trunks and button downs, ourCaste has made a windbreaker that tops our list this season. This hoodie is a must-have during the unpredictable whether patterns from the city to the cape as well as the mountains, Fire Island and the Hamptons — for where there is sun there are also showers.

The Tech. style has four zipper pockets, adjustable hood and is so lightweight that you can roll it up to the size smaller than a football and store it in your backpack, travel bag or luggage. This is a must-have for the season.

Check out their complete collection:


#1). Zeal Optics offer some of the hottest eyewear to hit the streets. The technology in their polarized lenses and the ingenuity in the style of their frames make them a favorite on our list. They also offer a Digital RX to make it convenient to make a pair with your current prescription. We are fans of their Memphis, Riviera and Fleetwood styles. They also make frames constructed out of Z-Resin, a proprietary, plant-based material from Switzerland which is good for the environment.

Look no further to find superior quality and the best protection for your eyes — select a few pairs for different looks.

Shop here:

Enjoy the warm days and have fun in the sun but always wear sunscreen and cover up. There is nothing awesome about melanoma.

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