Metro Man: Step Up Your Shaving Regimen from Spring thru Summer – Some proactive tips to help the dapper man achieve the coveted close-shave


The dog days of summer are in plain sight. This makes your face more vulnerable to damages such as irritation, drying out and bumps. As if that weren’t enough, beards also tend to grow in thicker and more rapidly.

I’ve put together some pro-active tips to help the dapper man achieve the coveted close-shave with minimal damage.

Photo credit: Caswell-Massey

Start by preparing your face and beard. This is the ultimate foundation for good seasonal shaving habits: taking proactive and preventative measures. If you wouldn’t ordinarily use any preemptive shaving products the summer would be the time to start. This Sandalwood shave oil by Caswell-Massey is a formidable contender, prepping the face and beard for an irritation-free shave. It is filled with essential oils and plant extracts that clean out the skin crevices between hair follicles. Additionally, this product is paired well with shaving creams by Caswell-Massey. The Almond Shave Cream takes the oil a step further: softening the beard with its Almond Oil, Cocoanut Oil, Chamomile and Thyme extracts. What is particularly beneficial is that this cream doesn’t lather up, which typically dries out your skin, but instead leaves it feeling smooth and moisturized following a shave.

Available at Gracious Home and

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If your beard is growing in thicker this season, you may find yourself shaving more often to maintain a clean look. This is harsh on shaved areas over time, especially for those who have sensitive skin. A soothing shave cream is essential. Jason Shave Therapy Anti-Razor Burn Lotion will serve you well. It takes the beard-prepping further, softening stubble with Natural Aloe Vera gel. This cream is actually formulated with 95% natural ingredients and an anti-razor burn complex. You’re fully equipped to fight back against ingrown hairs and burning.

Available at Whole Foods, ULTA Beauty and

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Post-shaving measures are imperative in the warm months. In this way you can recover your face and neck from any damages. Traditionally you might apply an aftershave lotion; however there are some alternative methods of recovery. I recommend spot-treating nicks and abrasions with Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil; a leaf-derived essential oil with antiseptic qualities. This will effectively clean out pores and treat cuts and bumps. It is quite potent, so be sure to use sparingly. Spot treatments are most effective when coupled with exfoliating between shaves. Anthony Logistics for Men Facial Scrub will clean up the face and neck areas, and only needs to be used as needed a couple of times a week. This scrub is aimed at these areas to repair damage and begin the prepping process for another shave. It is infused with spherical beads that roll over your skin to eliminate dry, dead skin cells and free beard hairs. Now your face will feel like a clean canvass for another day.

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil is available at Whole Foods CIR, The Vitamin Shoppe, and

Anthony Logistics for Men Facial Scrub is available at Sephora, Ulta, and

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