Metro Man: Steppin’ Out

This vintage Keep On Truckin’ poster by Robert Crumb and many similar illustrations dominated pop culture from the late ’60s to the mid-‘70s.  It all started in the first issue of Zap Comix in 1968. Yes, this hottest strut illustration got men to thinking about their shoes.  Women were way ahead of the game.  Most men at the time only knew that disco and platform shoes gave everyone some height and swagger.  Well, platforms are coming back this season, and they are lit.

Lace and/or buckle up!

I encountered this pair of shoes in the subway and had a wonderful talk with this duo about their footwear. They were not only stylish but also informative with shoe suggestions ranging from Dr. Martens and Asos, to Steve Madden and Alexander McQueen.

ASOS heeled platform Chelsea boots in black patent faux leather with diamante sole.

I personally think this is the perfect choice for a night out in the city. You’ll get the attention you seek, but will also have to tread carefully when crossing streets and traversing our crooked sidewalks.  Mind the gap and the subway grates and rock on.



When heading outdoors, I recommend a hefty pair of Timberlands with work jeans, especially for doing exterior chores in the autumn and colder weather.  Yes, many men will have to pick up a rake or a shovel in the coming weeks.  The proper footwear will help clean up and clear a path, they also support a healthy posture.

The nortiv8 Polar Bear Series offers men’s extra grip trekking boots for excellent traction with a chunky style. I found the colors amazing and it was easy to find me in a pack of hikers on Bear Mountain. I also want to note that they have superior waterproofing that helped when trudging through a creek. These boots get extra points for comfort and ankle support.


For athletic socks, check out TRUEENERGY. This a line of functional socks are powered by NASA-inspired infrared technology that is sewn into the yarn. The socks convert body heat into infrared energy that leaves feet feeling rejuvenated and energized, helping optimize performance, stamina and recovery.  I tried them and simply  say they are comfortable and durable.

True Energy

I fell deeply for the Alexander McQueen “Plimsoll” high-top sneakers in a color that I can only describe as fire hydrant red.  By “fell” I mean that I ran to the shoe department at Bergdorf Goodman before they all disappeared from the shelf.  Comfortable and attention-grabbing, these sneakers are made in Italy with the best materials, designs and that color is truly magnifico.

Bergdorf Goodman

If there’s one shoe/boot design that I think is essential for men this holiday season, Rick Owens takes the prize, cake, award… everything! Imagine strutting around your office party or family gathering in this pair. They work with any type of trousers or kilt (anything but khakis). It takes a tough man to strap on these kicks.  Think of the male peacock.


‘Tis the season for guys to keep on struttin’ to their own groove.


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