Metro Man: Tailored Clothing Delivered by 8/Omakase



We’ll start with the peculiar name of this company that takes a little time to roll off the tongue. 8/Omakase is a hybrid of two disparate things. Omakase is an expression often heard in fine sushi restaurants when a guest indicates that he trusts the chef to serve the very best. The number 8, aside from being a digit in between 7 and 9, is considered a lucky number in many Asian cultures — it also happens to be the quantity of 8/Omakase apparel boxes that each client/member receives annually.

This is what we discovered and what gents need to know.


We researched 8/Omakase for men who want to look fantastic at all occasions but loathe shopping, are unsure about classic or current fashion trends and would like to be styled by a professional. This company hits a home run. The concept and system is simple and flawless. It’s like being a member of a club. Guys simply goe online and answers a few questions (it takes under 10 minutes). After that, the 8/Omakase professional stylists take over and within a few weeks a box will arrive in the mail with everything the man needs from head to toe — sunglasses to shoes.


8/Omakase delivers dress shirts, casual shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters and accessories. 8/Omakase will not overwhelm members or your closet. A personal membership advisor will send carefully selected packages according to his style profile. Subscribers receive 8 packages a year, in other words, something new twice for each season.

Here is the first step for gents to get home or office delivery:

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