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With every innovation that provides a short cut or better way to do something, life seems so much easier. In Tech Finds, we highlight new tech products to let you know how they’ll enhance your daily routine or solve a problem.

Soulo is a vocal performance/karaoke microphone and app developed for the iPad, which transforms your iPad into a personal karaoke performance machine that you can tote anywhere for an instant show or party, as it provides access to your iTunes library. And stay in key with real-time pitch enhancement! Perfect any time of year, Soulo is an item that you’ll use repeatedly to perfect your awe-inducing vocal skills. Find it at Apple stores or at

Move over Dr. Dre, premium Fanny Wang Headphones have arrived in custom colors with crystal-clear, mind-blowing sound. Personalize your own set in seven different places on the headphones at the interactive website Nothing gets between you and your music with 3001 Over Ear’s four-way noise canceling technology that eliminates 95% of ambient sound. A huge bonus is the fact that Fanny Wang’s additional cord port permits you to share your music with other headphone wearers anywhere you roam or at home.

The LiveScribe Echo SmartPen is a dream come true for anyone who has to sit through long meetings or lectures, and is also perfect for salespeople. It looks and feels like an ordinary pen, but a tiny camera at the tip of the pen digitally records your pen strokes and synchs them with the ambient audio, so you can revisit notes by simply tapping on the page to hear precisely what was said at that moment. You can also upload your notes to Google Docs, Facebook and other locations. Amazing! Read more about it at and find it at Best Buy stores in 2, 4 and 8 GB versions.

Seagate’s GoFlex Slim is the perfect data storage solution for guys who prefer a conveniently small, portable, highly efficient hard drive. With claims to be the world’s thinnest hard drive, GoFlex Slim is as thick as a pencil for slipping into a briefcase, luggage or desk drawer and can store up to 320 GB of digital content (music, videos, photos). It’s super sleek, compatible with Macs and PCs, and comes in a damage-resistant black anodized case;

Support your favorite team when you rock out on your headphones with a sports logo from iHip. NFL legend and Giants Super Bowl champ Carl Banks joined forces with iHip to present licensed MLB and NFL music accessories that are equipped with a booming bass and noise-canceling effects. Each iHip product is compatible with iPods, cell phones, mp3 players and laptops. Show your team spirit by snapping one up at or at Modell’s and Sports Authority stores.

Anyone who has ever lost favorite photos, videos or documents will appreciate the Merriam Webster USB Dictionary & Thesaurus Portable Storage Device from Franklin Electronics. Incredibly affordable and undeniably useful, this can be found at, along with global language translators for travelers, home video monitors and scads of other fascinating gadgets.

Samsonite’s new Window Solar Charger has a built-in lithium battery, works with almost all cell phones, charges in 2 hours with USB and 13 with solar power in direct sunlight, and is great for the office, plane, or for commuters. This is an item that you’ll repeatedly find useful! Check it out along with Samsonite’s other new electronics and accessories at;

The WorkEZ series of three different adjustable, aluminum computer stand models nicely solves the problem of how to work on a laptop in bed, or on a couch, or while lazing in your favorite overstuffed leather chair. Simple to use, this lightweight product features a wide variety of heights and angles for convenience. Now you can easily watch movies in bed on your laptop’s elevated screen – yahoo! Find it at

The iLuv Portable Sound System for iPod Touch, iPhone or iPod Nano or other mp3 players lets you groove wherever you are, whether it’s skiing, flying overseas or going down tot eh corner for a cup of coffee. The speaker system protects the music device encased within its shell, so you don’t have to worry about your fragile tech items. Pick up the iLuv City Light In-Ear Headphones in any of seven colors to accompany this device; their silicone tips are designed for comfort, and the audio quality is superb. Order them at

Gimme Power unites form, function, high tech and high touch with this sculpted hand iPhone charger that doubles as a distinctive decorative item or conversation piece. Great for the office or home, this debut of a series to come can be found at, designed by Linda Zelenko of York Street Studio with the innovative assistance of her daughter, Ana Piscuskas. York Street Studio is noted for its original interior design, but now it can add cool tech device designs to its roster of accomplishments.

Ribbz will protect your phone from damages in a variety of seven colors, and they’re designed with air packets to hug your device for maximum protection during impacts and distribute the force. Just Air Shock Proof Cases do the same for your personal computer or iPad tablet, ensuring that your computer is safe and damage-free. These are affordable items that will protect your more expensive investments, so they’re good value! Find them at

Clean all of your tech products with a wipe from The Tech Pack by La Fresh. They can fit in a pocket for travels or a briefcase, messenger bag or desk drawer and are incredibly useful just before presentations or for general upkeep. The packet contains wipes for phones, screens, monitors, laptops and other gadgets, as well as wipes for lenses and anti-bacterial towelettes. Load up on them at

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