Metro Man: Top 10 Picks for Every Guy’s Bath

It’s time for men to spruce up for spring.

This month we selected several leading companies that have launched must-have grooming and hygiene products for every man who wants to look good, smell good and live well. Our list includes: Martial Vivot, Sabon, Kenneth Cole, Bluebeards Original, Dolce & Gabbana, Robert Graham and Oral Essentials.


The Scent(s) of a Man

#10: Dolce & Gabanna recently made the news with their new product and design launches, opinions and outspokenness. Aside from their statements, the media blitz and spin factor we reviewed their latest cologne called The One. It’s an oriental spicy perfume that is developed from the harmony of tobacco notes and refined spices. That about sums it up. We agreed on their description and the light fragrance but The One lost a few points on the bottle design. If your man is loyal to their brand, he will enjoy this.

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#9: Kenneth Cole consistently brings to the market a fresh idea and scent. Here we selected his Mankind Ultimate. The cologne is masculine with top notes of citrus mixed with cucumber, middle notes of cashmere woods, vetiver root and aromatic florals and subtle notes of sandalwood, oak moss, tonka crystals and musk. Trust us. It’s a must-have scent for date night.

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#8: Robert Graham recently launched three new colognes: Fortitude, Valour and Courage. Each is slightly different from the other and like all scents they react to the wearer’s genetic makeup. For example, Courage contains a smooth top note of vodka citron that merges with fresh bergamot and is finished with a subtle smoky guaiac wood. Some men can carry that off. Our personal favorite is Fortitude with a sensual top note of tobacco absolute and secondary notes of patchouli and tonka bean. These colognes scored highly on our list for their stunning and well-designed decanters.

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The Hair

#7: Several months ago we reported that Martial Vivot is back at Barneys. He made our list again this month for his exclusive hair products — the popular, in-demand hair stylist and salon released this line of products in tribute to the store. The box set is available at Barneys’ downtown and includes Martial’s shampoo, conditioner, paste, crème, gel and more. We feel in love with this line.


#6: The Martial Vivot shampoo and conditioner are a necessity for every man’s bath. The shampoo energizes the scalp. It also promotes healthy hair growth and strength. We recommend the conditioner that moistures and nourishes the follicles.

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The Beard

#5: Bluebeards Original makes a line of products and grooming items for the furry ones. We chose this line for specifically for the young men about town. Everyone sees these gents in the streets and clubs with the style of beards and facial hair growing increasingly popular in lengths and ways from stache to goatee and full-out beard that are as random and unique as the individual himself. We suggests the Bluebeards Original Beard Brush. It will help the guy style, shape his look and remain presentable or not in public. His choice.


#4: We also selected the Bluebeards Original Beard Wash. Guys must realize that the hair on their face needs to be taken care of as much as the hair on their heads (that is unless he is bald). This product keeps the beard soft and manageable. Made in U.S.A.



#3: For whiter teeth and a brighter smile, we selected Oral Essentials Mouthwash Whitening. The product is made with a blend of coconut, sage and lemon oils as well as Dead Sea Salt to safely and naturally promote a brighter, healthier smile. It’s healthier and safer than using chemicals, alcohol, whiteners, sweeteners and artificial flavors. We tried it. It works. And it’s safe enough to use daily.

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The Body

#2: Sabon is a body care brand and based out of Israel that released a line called Gentleman. We tried and tested several of their products and chose their Shower Scrub as an outstanding cleanser and exfoliator. It’s a gentle soap-based scrub composed of fine sugar grains for a gentler exfoliation. The product works to provide moisture and preserve the skins natural glow. The patchouli citrus scent is refreshing.


#1: Sabon also makes a Body Scrub based on natural Dead Sea Salt. It’s enriched with natural oils including vitamin E, almond oil, jojoba oil, borage oil. The salt granules exfoliate dead cells and renew the skin leaving it silky and smooth; minerals absorbed in the Dead Sea salt penetrate the skin and rid skin of impurities. We also like that fact that this product is SLS & paraben free.

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