Metro Man: Top 3 Men’s Shirts for Fall Travel 2015


I love autumn and it’s my favorite time for travel for pleasure as well as business. This fall season I selected the top three shirts that we recommend for all guys who are on the go. Based on quality, color and fit, the leading designs this year are Free Country, Ministry of Supply and Stantt.

Following is the selection for Metro Man:

Mens Activewear

#3 Free Country: Gearing up for outdoor activities, hiking, running, biking, etc. to see the fall foliage in the coming weeks? This company makes a great selection of shirts for the sports activist. They predominantly supply outerwear but I’m a fan of their long-sleeve sport’s shirt. It’s perfect for an active lifestyle or simply lounging around.

Our choice this month is the vibrant blue and charcoal grey tops. I wore one of them to a friend’s cabin and it was the perfect shirt for outdoor activities and relaxing around the fire pit.


Ministry of Supply

#2 Ministry of Supply: It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of this company ever since I learned that the creators are MIT graduates who incorporate science into all of their apparel. Many of their garments utilize technology created in uniforms from NASA — this company has been ahead of the design game for several years. This year I chose their Apollo Shirt. It comes in white, black, tan and two shades of blue. I’m a fan of the black and white selections, however, what sets these shirts apart for fall travel is they breathe incredibly well and you don’t have to iron them. Guys can leave the office, jump on a plane and go directly to a meeting without changing their shirt. Moisture-wicking fibers keep things light and cool, and a thermolaminated collar retains its crispness.


I recently was traveling on assignment and the first shirt that I picked was the Apollo in black. I took the train for several hours and had a meeting as soon as I arrived. My interviewee commented on how nice the shirt looked on me and asked if it was tailor made; they look that impressive.

Shop online:


#1 Stantt: I heard about this shirt company from a colleague of mine. I tried to find them at their pop-up shop in midtown this summer but it never happened and I missed the opportunity.

Luckily my colleague mentioned that they opened another shop in the Chelsea Market and they’re getting ready for expansion into other outlets this fall. Their shirts are at the top of my list this month for fit, fabric and color selection.


I met with co-owner, Matt Hornbuckle. He and business partner Kirk Keel have taken on the shirt industry with a new concept and manufacturing process — their sizing is mathematical and their garments are made with 100% Egyptian cotton. The best. “We make it very simple for a guy to get a perfect fit. We require three easy to take measurements: chest, waist and sleeve,” he said. “We then use the measurments in an algorithm of 75 sizes and from that we are able to make and ship a shirt within 7 days.”

The measurements are then broken down into ranges named after New York City Streets, for example: Carmine, Broadway and Essex.

Guys of every stature can have the perfect shirt for their body created with measurements taken online or in the downtown store. Stantt will also be opening new shops in the Tri-State area in the near future.

For now, I recommend you visit their Chelsea Market location and get sized up. My picks for this month are their White, Light Blue Stripe and Navy Gingham shirts.

Visit here for more information:

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