Metro Man: Top 3 Picks for Grooming this Month


Farmaesthetics, Big Cloud and AXE make this month’s list.

#3: I have written about the subscription based brand The Dollar Shave Club in the past and this month they announced their newest addition to their inventory — Big Cloud. Members now have three new grooming agents: Good Shake Hand Cream, Daily Face Moisturizer and Wind Master Lip Balm.

I particularly like the lip balm made with vitamins C & E, tea extract, sweet almond oil and jojoba seed oil.

With the drop in temperature and trips to the slopes, these products are great to keep in your shaving kit.

Check them out here:


#2: I recently attended a launch for the new formulas from AXE in Soho. The event was focused on their #FindYourMagic campaign — a celebration of individual style. The evening included everything from stylists, designers, entrepreneurs, a drag queen, fashion photography, performer John Legend and Amy Komorowski, the AXE spokestylist and celebrity grooming master. There was also a presentation for the launch of AXE Advanced Collections: Adrenaline, Urban and Signature.


This month I chose AXE Urban Dry Spray Antiperspirant, Matte Gel and Flexible Paste. These hygiene and grooming products are made with a combination of Shisha tobacco notes, the subtle sweetness of amber and vanilla as well as the spiciness of ginger. The spray goes on dry and keeps men odor free throughout the day with a masculine, clean scent. The Matte Gel and Flexible Paste live up to their claims for styling your hair.

Keep these products in your medicine cabinet and gym bag. AXE is available at most pharmacies.

Read more here:


#1: I recently discovered Farmaesthetics from Portsmouth, Rhode Island and I was impressed with their fine herbal skincare from the farm. This 6-piece set for men has everything to keep the skin in top shape — healthy and clear. The set includes: Fine Herbal Cleanser for the face, Pure Complexion Tonic as a toner, Nourishing Lavender Milk for an aftershave, Hand to Heal Softening Salve and my favorite, Nettle Remedy Oil. This product is amazing for the hair and scalp; it helps prevent flakiness and keeps the hairstyle shiny and youthful.

Shop here:

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